Transform your retail experience with Augmented Reality

Don’t wait for people to come to you. Let customers try on your products virtually using AR, and increase your online revenue.

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    Precise hand tracking and true to life rendering that easily integrates into your existing app.


    Machine Learning
    Computer vision
    Realistic look
    3D Modeling

    AR: Why now?

    It has been trending for years, but Covid-19 has amplified the need for the brick and mortar retailers to provide better online experiences.

    Luxury retailers have a greater challenge when selling online. Customers are looking for more engaging online shopping experiences, and Augmented Reality is the perfect answer. Using AR, you can deliver the “wow factor” that drives sales.

    Why Postindustria?

    We were one of the first companies to replicate the complete showroom experience on a mobile device.

    Our dedication to continuous innovation and our impeccable execution is the foundation of every project we work on.

    Retail is being transformed as you read this. Will you be an innovator or a follower?