Meet us at Programmatic.IO 2022

Meet us at Programmatic.IO 2022

For more than twelve years, Postindustria has helped AdTech companies create monetization solutions using cutting-edge technologies.

12+ years of AdTech Leadership

  • Mobile App Publishers
  • Multiple Successful Publishers Businesses Built
  • OpenX SDK Development
  • Adapex Publisher Integrations
  • Prebid Community Members
  • Prebid Golang Server

We will finish your project before the competition can even hire. Kick-off and development commencing right away – we know the space from DSP to SSP.

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    Custom AdTech solutions
    Native Mobile Ad SDK (development and integrations)
    SSP, DSP, Ad Server development
    Prebid / S2S bidders, adapters, modules, patches, custom deployment
    BI, Analytics ETLs, Dashboards
    Ad/Data Stack Optimizations

    “Their approach makes them feel like an integral part of our team”

    Debra Fleenor, Adapex LLC Founder & President

    Postindustria consistently responds to queries and concerns, while maintaining a transparent approach to project management, much to the client’s delight. The team is highly collaborative, but the internal stakeholders are particularly impressed with Postindustria’s level of expertise and service.

    Meet us at Programmatic.IO 2022

    Why Postindustria?

    Whether it’s a custom header bidding platform or adding additional capabilities, our AdTech developers will help you plan, design, and build the right header bidding solution.

    • We will be done with the actual work before competition can even hire
    • Kick-off and development commencing right away – we know the space from DSP to SSP
    • Sign up for a free workshop here to see how you can optimize or enable your AdTech
    Internal mobile products
    Ego, just execution
    Meet us at Programmatic.IO 2022