Playboy gets social (clothes: ON)

Playboy is one of the most recognized consumer brands in the world, publishing Playboy magazine in the United States and abroad and creating content for distribution via television networks, websites, mobile platforms and radio. Being a media company at its core, Playboy sought to take advantage of leveraging its brand with the soaring popularity of social media platforms. In Postindustria, Playboy found the partner to help them develop the product that would harness the opportunity for years to come.

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Playboy had ambitious goals from the outset_

Playboy sought to engage more users and attract a younger demographic, while at the same time enticing aspiring models and draw enthusiasts closer to the brand – all the while increasing revenue. The Postindustria team worked with Playboy to create a website and social outlets that accomplished all of these goals: Miss Social by Playboy

With the product, users could vote for candidates across multiple social channels. The monthly winner was flown to LA to have a non-nude photoshoot with a Playboy photographer. Her photos then appeared in a centerfold in Playboy Magazine and she got to host a large party at the Playboy Mansion.

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If you want to know more about how we successfully achieved this challenge – you can find our detailed case study here.

This application has helped them to attract the younger male demographic that they had not been able to attract before, and [Playboy] report that the application has generated a high rate of repeat engagement…the application has delivered significant increases in monthly revenue.

Michael Hugos ,
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