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There is nowhere to go without online payments these days. The advancement of financial technologies enables to speed up financial operations creating new opportunities for businesses. 

Adapt payment workflow to your specific business needs with our custom PayPal integration services.

Our experts in financial platforms operations will help your e-commerce project connect with PayPal and ensure its smooth integration. 

Are you working on mobile? No problem. We’ll get you all set integrating the PayPal SDK into your app.

Our expertise will help you unlock the full potential of this payment gateway.

PayPal Payment Integration Services at Postindustria

Leverage our PayPal expertise to grow your business


Payment processing solutions


Invoicing and payouts


Integration with mobile apps


PayPal e-commerce integration


PCI compliance

Postindustria has been working with PayPal since 2008. Over a decade of experience enables us to develop efficient solutions that ensure high-quality transactions. Our developers use PayPal API to create advanced options such as PayPal mass payment integration.

Result-Oriented Approach to Payment Processing

Postindustria’s expertise in PayPal solutions development is reflected in our understanding of the benefits that come with its feature-rich API integration. 

Our seasoned developers can use the PayPal mobile and web SDK to tailor components for customer verification, efficient payments, refunds, and much more. We aim to stay agile throughout the whole development cycle, and our workflow is focused on providing custom integrations.

Reasons to Choose Postindustria for PayPal Integration


Use PayPal integration to meet your business needs

A profound understanding of a particular business is the key to a successful PayPal payment gateway integration. We always take into account the product, the customer, and the market, which allows us to offer fully customized solutions.


Extensive PayPal integration expertise

A seamless UX that blends in with your website and transaction data analytics capabilities are only a couple of the reasons to integrate PayPal. With our expertise you can unlock the full potential of this payment gateway.


Complete understanding of the payment industry

The integration of payment gateways involves compliance and data security challenges specific to the payment industry.  Our skills and experience with various payment gateways will help you overcome any issues you may encounter along the payment integration process.


Expertise beyond integrating PayPal payment gateway

The PayPal gateway offers many benefits, but we understand that it may not always be the right fit for your business. Our Fintech expertise goes beyond PayPal. We can help find the best possible solution for your company.

Smooth PayPal Integration Guaranteed: Start Selling Right Away

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    How much will Postindustria PayPal integration services cost?

    There is no one-size-fits-all price. The cost will vary depending on such factors as complexity of a solution, project duration and team size. Bear in mind that PayPal is one of the most affordable payment services on the market. It charges 2.9% + 30 cents per transaction without any monthly or annual fees.

    You can contact us for more information, and we’ll be happy to answer all of your questions.

    How long does it take to set up the PayPal payment gateway and start receiving money?

    The PayPal payment gateway has a quick setup. The application process for business accounts is simple, and you can start receiving payments instantly after integration.

    However, if you are looking into developing a custom payment solution based on PayPal SDK, the project duration might vary from several days to several months, depending on the scale. 

    For instance, a simple button integration may only take a few hours plus testing, whereas implementing marketplace mechanics with mass payouts usually takes more time.

    How can you guarantee that my custom PayPal solution will be secure?

    There are two factors that guarantee security of our custom PayPal solutions.

    First, before the release, we make sure that the solution complies with consumer protection standards, such as the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard, Payment Application Data Security Standard, EMV, Check-2, and more. Our QCs run penetration tests throughout the development process to make sure that your payment gateway is immune to cyber-attacks.

    Second, PayPal is known for its solid merchant and customer protection policies. The system follows up on every purchase and responds to any suspicious user behavior. If a buyer receives a faulty item, or no item at all, PayPal provides full reimbursement, including shipping fees. If sellers receive an unauthorized payment, buyers can get their money back. 

    Can I build a payment gateway from scratch?

    Sure. We can build it for you.

    Be prepared, however. Building your own payment gateway can take years. Many businesses assume that if they host their own solution, it will save them from paying additional transaction fees. This may be true, but a custom solution also involves significant additional costs, such as servers, product maintenance, bank fees, and settlement costs, to say nothing about development expenses. 

    A bespoke payment solution may be the right choice for you if your processing volume is large enough, you want to offer it as a service to other companies, or if suitable products are unavailable in your region. But bear in mind that building a payment solution from scratch is a business decision more than a technical one, so be ready to consult with business analysts first.

    Can you integrate other payment gateways?

    Sure. We also offer Stripe, BrainTree,, and 2checkout integration services.