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E-commerce and online shopping are booming, leaving brick-and-mortar stores on the sidelines. As more and more customers turn to their smartphones and tablets to make purchases, they are demanding an engaging and interactive online shopping experience. 

Using 3D modeling service providers can make any product stand out from the competition and helps brands elevate their visual product experience. Upgrading the digital presence of a product with a 3D component also allows brands to enhance their brand exposure and meet the needs of even the most demanding audiences. 

So, make sure your clients get the most out of an online shopping session. Choose between 3D galleries, 360° product viewers, and 3D product configurators to let customers see your product in realistic rendering and interact with 3D models.

We believe that online shopping can give customers the same value as a visit to a store does

3D technology in e-commerce can provide clients with an engaging experience, enabling them to get all the information they need about a product from the comfort of their own homes.

Get ready to count on the following:


Realistic rendering of products


Higher customer satisfaction level


Enhanced user engagement measures


Development of 3D Product Configurators


Growth of online and in-store sales


Outreach capacity boost

What you get ordering our 3D Modeling Services

The high quality of our delivered solutions is at the heart of what we do. Our experienced engineers know how to make your product on the screen look as close to real life as possible. Whether you need a 3D catalog for a diamond ring or a 3D configurator for a necklace, we’ll make sure they show the play of light on gemstones and precious metals in every tiny detail. We run multiple experiments to ensure realistic rendering of 3D models and we are here to help you make your product shine online.

Try out Postindustria’s 3D product modeling services and leverage your online shopping potential to the fullest

3D modeling

We’ll help you build three-dimensional models of your product from scratch or simplify them for visualization purposes. In both cases, we’ll make sure that the final render looks as close to real life as possible.

3D rendering

Postindustria’s 3D artists will make your product shine online. When working with jewelry, we rely on the ray tracing method of rendering backed up with meticulous calculations to ensure realistic visualization of any product. No picture will ever show a jewelry piece in every little detail. With ray tracing, we’ll capture the crystal structure of each gemstone and the play of light on it.

3D gallery development

We can create an interactive 3D gallery for your product that will enable your customers to view, zoom in and out, spin, and customize the product as they wish. Choose from two options for 3D gallery activation – through pointing a smartphone camera at a picture or pointing it at a product render on a website.

Development of 3D product configurators

Postindustria’s specialists will develop a 3D product configurator for your product that lets your buyers customize the product while they shop online. Changing the colors, adding or removing certain elements of a product, and customizing the material are some of the features that we can add to your custom solution.

We use a combination of software to deliver our 3D product modeling services

Rhinoceros 3D
3ds Max
Autodesk Maya
Adobe Substance 3D Designer

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    We’ll help you find the answers
    1. What are the benefits of using 3D product models?

    The key benefit of 3D modeling is that it allows you to place a product model into various three-dimensional environments. It gives you an opportunity to showcase a product on a website, a mobile app, or even create a 3D configurator and let clients customize it to their needs. This will allow your customers to see your product from different angles and be confident about their online purchase.

    2. I can do the technical side of 3D modeling, but how can I start making things look good visually?

    First, you need to decide what outcome you want to achieve. Should it be a 3D model, a video, or a render? Then choose the software accordingly. If you have a CAD model of a product ready, we can help you pick the specifications that will turn this model into a realistic visualization. We’ll save the finalized 3D model in the format that works best for the platforms you use or create a photorealistic render.

    3. How safe are 3D product modeling services? What if my 3D models get stolen?

    It’s totally safe to work with 3D models in product design. The thing is that it’s quite challenging for a 3D modeling service provider to steal your models. One reason for this is that clients usually upload their 3D models to their own host sites and transfer them via a secure connection. Another is that clients only give access to simplified CAD models of products that are used for visualization purposes. Although such models allow for realistic rendering on screen, they can’t be used effectively for any other purposes as their accuracy is lower than that of the original CAD models.

    4. Will a 3D model look realistic and close to real life?

    Whether a delivered 3D model will look realistic online depends on the quality of rendering. Rendering requires specialized software to turn a geometric model into a ready-to-use photorealistic image. We work with 3dsMax, Autodesk Maya, and Rhinoceros 3D on this task. The quality requirements and complexity of the underlying 3D models to render determine how long it takes to process the calculations and deliver the ready-to-use image. Rendering can take from as little as a second to several days.