Specific industry experience and a results-oriented delivery process are the foundation for every engagement.

AI Development_

Boost operational efficiency, deliver 24/7 customer support, tap into new growth opportunities, and reduce risks with our AI software development services.

AR Development_

Augmented reality can optimize processes, solve some of the biggest challenges across industries, and provide an unmatched user experience, resulting in the needed ROI boost

Mobile Application Development_

With 10 years of experience, our expertise covers the entire ecosystem. MVP development, performance or security audits, payment integrations or in-app purchases, re-engineering an ad stack or adding augmented reality to your app.

3D Product Modeling Services_

We’ll help you build three-dimensional models of your product from scratch or simplify them for visualization purposes. In both cases, we’ll make sure that the final render looks as close to real life as possible.

Ad Revenue Increased Monetization_

As a mobile publisher, you might be losing 10 to 40% of your ad revenues because of the ad stack implementation mistakes, incorrect ad unit configuration, ad placements that do not match user behavior and other pitfalls.

Mobile SDK Services_

Staying on top of the game in a highly competitive and dynamic mobile ads environment is challenging. That’s why exchanges and SSPs are better off using a dedicated expert team with a profound AdTech understanding. This significantly cuts time to market while saving internal resources required to implement the recent IAB developments.

SSAI Solutions_

The beauty of server-side approach is an unskippable ad that doesn’t depend on a player’s support, like in a regular TV, but is customized for the audience like when using programmatic bidding.

e-Banking Development_

When on top of direct debit and SEPA transfers we add Stripe or Braintree and internal payments, the result easily qualifies for a full e-banking solution, because it is indistinguishable from the usual banking.

Header Bidding Services_

A few years ago it was a novel idea for mobile, in 2020 it’s a requirement to get maximum yield from a publisher’s inventory. The benefit of getting all your demand bid on your terms makes a lot of sense and speeds things up.

Expert KYC Solutions_

Every business has to verify their customers. The approach varies depending on the industry, but in FinTech there is a KYC framework that varies slightly, depending on the country and nature of operations.

DevOps Services_

The difference between 10 GB and an 800 GB database is not simply 790 GB of storage. The whole approach for running, deploying and backing up these two is drastically different.

UX Design_

There is just one chance to make a first impression. In the age of limited attention, clear polished user experience, and cohesive product design make a huge difference.

Web Development_

Want to create a functional website with sleek design that will take your customers’ experience to another level? Hire an efficient team to develop web solutions that fit your business needs and pave the way to increasing sales.

Cloud Application Development_

Use the scalability and flexibility potential of cloud computing to accelerate your business growth with our cloud app development services.