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Cloud-based solutions are no longer a new thing in the tech world. Businesses love them and eagerly integrate them into their IT systems.

We’ll make sure that your data is safe creating a cloud backup for you. Looking into a cloud-native app? No problem, we’ll get it done for you as well. 

Use the scalability and flexibility potential of cloud computing to accelerate your business growth with our cloud app development services.

Choose Postindustria as your cloud application development team. We work on different projects and can easily get you the best solution.

Cloud Engineering Solutions We Offer

Our services include but are not limited to:


Cloud consulting


Cloud optimization


Cloud migration


Cloud backup

We offer the full range of cloud computing services.

Whether you are looking into building a new cloud-native app, improve your existing cloud solution or migrate from your on-premise data center to a cloud environment, we are happy to help.

What You Get with Our Cloud Engineering Services

We excel at generating solutions that create value.

Before starting any project, we carefully study your needs, conduct a thorough audit of your existing system, and then move on to drafting a detailed plan of how we can achieve set goals. This approach allows us to deliver cost-effective solutions that meet your business needs and comply with existing standards.

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    Cloud engineering services we provide:

    Frequently Asked Questions

    We help to find the answers
    How much will it cost me to build a cloud-based application from scratch?

    There’s no exact price for cloud app development. The cost will depend on various factors, including: 

    • The type of cloud environment you’ll choose for deployment (private, public, hybrid)
    • The solution complexity (its logic and workflows, the number and the complexity of its features, the number of user roles, the number of integrations)
    • Standard and regulations that you must comply with when building such applications
    • UI and UX requirements 
    • Budget 
    • Time frames 
    • Etc.

    The same principle applies to all cloud computing services we provide. That’s why whether you are interested in the cost of application migration to the cloud or cloud security services, contact us — we’ll analyze your case or provide you with the calculations.

    What do cloud optimization services imply?

    Working on cloud optimization services doesn’t mean that we build an application from scratch. Rather, we’ll examine your existing solution and offer improvements so that you can minimize unnecessary IT infrastructure investments, optimize utilization of your cloud resources, eliminate over-capacity, and beyond.

    I need cloud experts. Can you help?

    Simply fill out our contact form.

    What’s the difference between cloud app development and cloud data engineering services? Do you provide both services?

    Cloud app development implies building cloud-based applications from scratch, while cloud data engineering is a broader discipline. Cloud data engineers support and maintain cloud infrastructures, supervise the development process of new ones, apply existing cloud solutions to business needs of their clients, etc. 

    And yes, we offer both types of services.

    Can cloud storages be more expensive than on-premise hosting?

    Sure, they can. But only when there’s a poor cloud migration strategy in place. On the contrary, our clients save on average 30-60% of their hosting budget after cloud migration.

    Which IaaS solutions do you use for cloud app development?

    Our experts build cloud-based applications on all reliable cloud platforms that are available on the market, including AWS, Google Cloud Platform, IBM Cloud, etc.