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With Pokemon Go having made AR technologies the order of the day, they are set to reshape every domain — from entertainment to healthcare. Augmented reality can optimize processes, solve some of the biggest challenges across industries, and provide an unmatched user experience, resulting in the needed ROI boost. No wonder businesses are embarking on the AR path more and more. But, interestingly enough, only a few succeed. Why do you think that is? 

Many neglect the main rule: choosing the right AR development vendor is the cornerstone to your success regardless of what you need — augmented reality for retail, logistics, or any other vertical. Since finding the “right” vendor is challenging, we recommend checking portfolios for relevant projects like this one: 

As one of the first companies to replicate the AR-driven, location-based showroom experience on a mobile device, Postindustria provides augmented reality development services to businesses of any size and domain. Whatever challenge you face or whatever idea you’ve come up with, reach out to us. We will help you build a reliable solution that propels you into the market or breathes new life into your business. 

For example, look how easy this tech could be embedded in a fashion e-commerce application to enable people to try rings in AR with and accurate hand tracking and realistic rendering:

AR development process

Research & requirements analysis

Augmented reality technologies offer ample room for creativity. Meanwhile, every business case is unique, and yours is no exception. Whether you are interested in augmented reality for iOS or your project requires Android AR development, our first step is to listen to your needs, analyze them, and translate them into business requirements. This step lays the foundation for all the others. 

Design & planning

We outline product specifications and design basic wireframes based on your business requirements, which evolve into a clickable prototype. Before development begins, our technical manager will reach out to ensure all your needs have been met. Once the prototype is approved, we’ll prioritize tech tasks and choose the relevant augmented reality app development technologies and practices for the project.

Development & delivery

Tech (and AR app development in particular) evolves rapidly, meaning your business requirements or customer expectations (or both) could change before your product sees the market. We use a continuous delivery approach to reduce risks associated with the release by building products in short iterations. Besides, you can test the waters with an MVP. Whatever you choose, your dedicated technical project manager will monitor the deadlines, facilitate effective communication between teams, and regularly inform you on updates.


Cooperation doesn’t end when the product releases. What’s more, our ongoing support services go beyond regular updates, bug fixes, and improvements on usability. We are ready to help when it comes to scaling, integration issues, item updates (for e-commerce), or any other challenges you come across.


  • Machine learning
  • Computer vision
  • Realistic look
  • 3D modeling 
  • TensorFlow
  • CoreML

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