Ad Revenue Increase_

Our ad tech geniuses will take a deep dive into your app. They will learn your domain, marketing channels, revenue streams, and take a look at the key metrics in your analytics tools. After reviewing the performance of your ad networks and mediation a complete code review will be done to review how your libraries are integrated. You will receive a full report of problems found and suggestions for improvements.

Since 2008 we’ve been building mobile apps where the main source of income is ad revenue. Our years of experience can help you create the success formula for your ad-based app.

As a mobile publisher, you might be losing 10 to 40% of your ad revenues because of the ad stack implementation mistakes, incorrect ad unit configuration, ad placements that do not match user behavior and other pitfalls.

With our Stocks and Classified apps in the last decade, we’ve learned the hard way how a combination of user behavior, technical excellence, and ad stack optimization can yield significantly better results.

You will get a report with the specific recommendations along with the implementation guidelines within 5-10 business days.

To provide that, we take a deep dive into your domain, monetization approaches, and key product metrics. We also analyze your ad networks’ performance and mediation tools. Finally, we do a complete code review of your app to eliminate implementation errors..

We deliver powerful monetization optimization, seamlessly and silently.