DevOps Services_

Improve service quality and business productivity by bringing continuous development principles to your IT support team.

The difference between 10 GB and an 800 GB database is not simply 790 GB of storage. The whole approach for running, deploying, and backing up these two is drastically different. 

For instance, you can’t afford to spend 2 hours dumping 800 GB because by the time you end records would not be consistent with the data it contained when it started 2 hours ago.

A skilled backend engineer can definitely figure out the solution to this and other issues, but there’s a catch. She’s not improving the product while solving these challenges. She merely makes something already created work reliably.

Our flexible DevOps service relieves your team from this stress and lets you focus on the primary business goals by guaranteeing SLA and offering flexible pay-as-you-go arrangements for the system administration projects.

DevOps Services Process

  • Intro call
    We will meet with your tech team (CTO or senior developers). The goal of this call will be to understand your infrastructure, components of the solutions, existing security policies, and get access to the code.
  • Evaluation
    Our approach requires a  fundamental understanding of your systems’ internals. This means that we go through every component and review it’s configuration, dependencies on the other components, deployment process and ask questions to understand your system completely.

    If the system is big, we usually combine this with any support tasks that the client needs to offload quickly like upgrades or monitoring.
  • Process setup
    With a thorough understanding of your systems we can create and implement a sustainable long-term solution for support: define team configuration, create a playbook, configure monitoring and streamline the development/deployment/troubleshooting process.

    As a result, clients have an always available on-call devops team that seamlessly supports their existing development process and infrastructure.
  • Support
    Once everything is set up, it’s about impeccable execution and we excel in that. Our devops team works with your existing ticketing system, helps to support your clients and development team, and continually looks for new ways to increase your infrastructure efficiency.

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