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End to end development for your mobile ads SDK

Staying on top of the game in a highly competitive and dynamic mobile ads environment is challenging. That’s why exchanges and SSPs are better off using a dedicated expert team with a profound AdTech understanding. This significantly cuts time to market while saving internal resources required to implement the recent IAB developments.

We’ve developed 3 mobile advertising SDKs, passed IAB, MOAT & IAS Open Measurement and Viewability Measurement audits, implemented MRAID 3, Ad choices, GDPR and CCPA controls and streamlined mobile SDK delivery to the publishers.

Besides that, we’ve implemented recent mobile ad formats like VAST 4, payable ads, implemented a mediation solution and improved overall stability of the solutions.

Combine that with a profound understanding of AdTech in general and you’ll realize that there’s simply no better team in the world to take care of your mobile SDK development project.

Mobile SDK Development Process

  • Roadmap and strategy assessment
    We work with your team to clearly assess your objectives and define your particular strategy. Whether that is matching a competitor’s features or creating a new innovation, we assemble a team of AdTech professionals tailored to your particular needs.
  • Code review and estimates
    Our clients typically have something they’ve been working on, so the goal here is to understand the state of the codebase, test coverage, and release process. We can then provide an estimate of what will be required to achieve the goals for the next mobile SDK release.
  • Development and testing
    The quality of your mobile SDK – not it’s feature set – defines the loyalty of the customer base. If you are not supporting the very recent standard, you can always get away with a promise to implement it in the next release. However if you have a critical bug that now impacts thousands of apps and millions of users that cuts down the revenues of your publishers, that’s a huge trust problem.

    We approach this by a comprehensive test suite that is a combination of unit, integration and manual testing.
  • Support
    Publishers always have integration issues and we’re ready to help when it comes to code, calls with them, debugging and cross-checking with other departments at your company such as analytics and billing to make sure all requests are solved in a timely manner.

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