e-Banking Development_

Fully functional development of E-banking payment systems and infrastructure

There has been an explosion in the development of E-banking in recent years. Every app that creates an account for making and accepting transfers is categorized as E-Banking now. We’ve done much more than that basic type of E-banking development though. Besides banking integrations, we’ve  also integrated direct debit and SEPA transfers, allowing for less expensive transactions for end-users. When this is complemented with a standard Stripe integration and internal payments, you get a fully functional payment system.

Payment infrastructure is vital for any startup and enterprise, but getting it right is a hell of a task. We’ve designed this service to help you set a good foundation for your next FinTech venture.

E-Banking Development Process

  • Product Design
    Our product manager takes a deep dive into your application and works with you to define key features and customer journeys of the user segments you’re targeting.
    The result of this phase is a complete set of high-level requirements that define the boundaries of the system.
  • Architecture and Research
    Every project is unique and there are always new services to integrate with, so technical research and prototyping is highly beneficial to eliminate the unnecessary risks. Sometimes technical limitations put constraints on the product features. For example, when a 3rd party system has performance issues or doesn’t provide a sandbox, that may likely shape the product quite differently.
  • Estimate and project planning.
    At the estimate phase we do our best to answer the hardest question of software development: when will it be ready? Methods vary, but they all boil down to eating an elephant in small bites. The result of this step is a rough project plan and an estimate of the first version. Usually this never exceeds 3 months as it’s very hard to produce a reliable estimate for a larger project without overestimating.
  • Development and testing.
    We’re using the SCRUM approach to software development. The only twist we add is an “iteration zero” when we take time to set up the environment and a skeleton of an app. Otherwise it’s impossible to produce meaningful results from the first sprints.
    Designing, development, and QA is performed simultaneously so that every iteration delivers an incremental increase of features.
  • Deployment and Acceptance Testing
    When the version is ready, we do the deployment to production (or staging), help you do the acceptance testing, and correct any issues found.
  • Support
    A large and complex solution like developing a mobile banking application requires continuous monitoring and on-call support that could fix any issues quickly. Issues come from unexpected places: fraudulent behavior is discovered, payment gateway has issues, customer is questioning our accuracy of rounding etc.
  • On-going development
    A successful project is never finished. So we also offer the same phases on a continuous basis with a reduced team to keep advancing the platform and letting you focus on the business development activities.

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