UX Design_

End-to-end design process: from the idea, through branding and research, to the polished product and design systems.

There is just one chance to make a first impression. In the age of limited attention, clear polished user experience, and cohesive product design make a huge difference.

UX is not simply about creativity. It incorporates deep immersion into the product using jobs to be done framework, GIST planning, quality function deployment, and other techniques/tools. 

Having a scalable Product design is just as important as having scalable software architecture, because well-designed systems actually save time, both on design and frontend development, by reusing UX patterns and forming productive habits among products’ users.

UX Design Process

  • Intro call
    Our designer and product manager will meet your product team and dive into the product details: type of product (B2C vs B2B), target audience, what problems it solves, as well as request all available design materials you have to date: logos, brand book, sketches, competitors.
  • Research
    We take at least a week for the research phase. We usually do it in parallel with subsequent discussions with the client’s product team.
    Our ultimate goal is to find out what is considered the standard for the products in your niche and understand the product in-depth.
  • UX concept brainstorming
    We take all the input from you and our research and present a few concepts for the desktop and mobile UX patterns and general layouts we suggest to use.
    At this point, we are looking for an approach that can be scaled, no matter how many new features you may choose to add in the future.
  • Finalizing key screens
    When the concept is approved, we identify key scenarios and work on these key screens. We co-create a core theme of your product design and build it into the first visuals. 
  • Creating Design System and Brand Guidelines
    We develop a design system that will be centered around the key screens’ theme that carries through your entire user experience. Our core theme represents your brand, and it’s often defined by a set of principles that incorporate your company values and ideas.
  • Finalizing the rest of the screens
    Based on Brand Guidelines, we make a value-based design that will match the exact needs of your customers. We double-check all timelines according to your plans, and development begins. 
  • Support & analysis
    Once everything is set up, it’s about execution, and we are ready to help in that. Our engineers, who have a deep understanding of your brand new design and values, help support your clients and development team and continually look for new ways to improve the UX by studying analytics we collect about users’ behavior.

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