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Artificial intelligence is no longer a buzzword in the tech industry. It has become a powerful tool that helps businesses address their challenges. 

The adoption of AI in business processes can streamline operations and save time spent performing routine tasks. AI-based solutions for businesses can help increase productivity and stand out from competitors on the market. 

Having years of experience in AI software development services, Postindustria offers solutions based on machine learning, big data analytics, robotic process automation, computer vision, video processing and more.

Boost your operational efficiency, deliver 24/7 customer support, tap into new growth opportunities, and reduce risks with our AI software development services.

Custom AI Software Development Services

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Machine learning


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Computer vision


Video processing


Robotic process automation


Big data analytics


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Whether you need a smart assistant to deliver personalized customer experience at scale or an advanced data analytics engine to improve decision-making, we are at your service. Our AI development experts and their solutions will help your business thrive.

Why Our AI Solutions Help You Succeed

We have been building artificial intelligence solutions for years, winning trust of our clients.

Having scores of AI projects under our belt, we spot opportunities where others don’t, and prevent risks before they start causing troubles. We constantly continue improving, developing our expertise in AI projects making them succeed.

Artificial Intelligence Development Process

It includes the following steps:

First, we listen to your needs.Then, we analyze your business case, audience and competitors.

We brainstorm a solution to address your case, draft a product roadmap and prepare a software requirements specification.

Based on the deliverables from the previous stages, we design a prototype and an architecture of your future AI solution.

Once we make sure that the prototype and architecture meets your needs, we proceed to bringing the concept to life.

Even after product release, we keep on taking care of your AI solution with regular updates and service support.

Why Entrust Your AI Development Project to Us?

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    We help to find the answers
    Why is outsourcing the development of artificial intelligence solutions more efficient than hiring in-house experts?

    There are several reasons for that. But here are some key considerations: 

    • The AI industry is still at the early stages of its development, and the number of AI software specialists is limited. According to Global AI Talent Report, there were only 22,400 qualified AI experts across the globe in 2019. No wonder, it’s challenging to find a skilled professional, not to mention an entire artificial intelligence development team. 
    • Lack of in-house expertise in the hiring process. To be able to see whether your candidate for the project can deliver the needed result, you need to have somebody in your company with the relevant level of AI expertise.
    • Hiring in-house is often a time-consuming and expensive process.

    That’s why we recommend outsourcing AI expertise. Still, it’s up to you to decide.

    What should I do to adopt AI in my business successfully and how can you help me in this process?

    Certainly, there’s no one-size fits all strategy. Still, we can point out some tips: 

    1. Familiarize yourself with AI, and what it can do. 
    2. Analyze the potential of AI in the context of your business. How can you enhance your existing products and services with AI software? What problems will it solve? 
    3. It’s easy to get lost in various opportunities. That’s why it’s critical to determine business and financial value of possible AI implementations you’ve found in the previous step. Our business analysts can help you here if needed.
    4. Prepare your organization for the digital transformation in terms of technical capabilities and business processes. We can assist you in this process by providing you the needed resources (developers, business analysts, project managers, etc.).
    5. Get your data in order. Big data analytics is one of the most common uses of AI in any business. If this is your case, too, make sure that your data are consistent, rich, and accurate.

    Set up a pilot project. It shouldn’t be large. Start small to prove value and then expand. Our AI development team will support you at every stage of this process.

    Should I necessarily hire your experts for new AI projects? Is it possible to use your services to proceed with existing projects?

    Surely, it is. Our experts will take over your project at any stage.

    I don’t have experience of AI software product ownership. Will I face difficulties?

    No, absolutely not. We’ll explain everything from the very beginning and will be happy to answer all your questions.

    Can I hire your AI developers for several projects?

    Yes, you can. We can assign AI developers for as many projects as you need.

    How long does an AI project take?

    The duration of a machine learning project depends on its size, complexity, and your budget. Given that, AI projects can be running from weeks to months.