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Empower your business with computer vision software and get a chance to derive meaningful information from digital images, videos and other visual input with the help of technology.

Unlock the power of smart object recognition technology and stand out from the competitors. 

As a computer vision company relying on 10+ years of experience in this domain, we can teach your systems to see the way nobody does.

We’ll upgrade your business solutions with image recognition, video analysis, visual data preparation, object tracking or emotion recognition features and make sure your needs are met.

Our Computer Vision Software Development Services

Let tech enhance your business capacity with new vision


Image recognition


Video analysis


Visual data preparation


Object tracking


Emotion detection

These are just a few examples of what we can offer. We cover the full range of computer vision services.

So, whether you need algorithms for background separation or an image recognition system, we are at your service.

How Our Computer Vision Software Development Can Benefit You

Computer vision can open new horizons for any business. Still, just like any latest tech, it implies a lot of challenges and risks, which can block your digital transformation. 

Having 10+ years of computer vision experience under the belt, Postindustria can predict and prevent any difficulties unlocking the power of object recognition and other computer vision technologies to serve your needs.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    We help to find the answers
    What types of computer vision applications can you build?

    At Postindustria, we can develop any type of web and mobile computer vision apps. Whether you need a computer vision solution, say, for daily medical diagnostics or for your driverless vehicles, make no mistake — our CV experts are here to help. 

    What computer vision software development tools do you use?

    We utilize various tools and technologies depending on the project. Our tech stack includes but is not limited to OpenCV, VisionWorks, Tensorflow, etc. We know how to combine different CV tools the way that works best for your business.

    Can you build a computer vision solution based on the cloud?

    Sure. We can deploy computer vision solutions both on-premise and on the cloud. We’ll help you choose a suitable cloud service provider and build a solid cloud infrastructure.

    I need a computer vision solution for a visual surveillance system for my convenience store. Can you help me?

    Sure. We specialize in an extensive range of computer vision software development services, and building ML-powered visual surveillance systems with motion recognition, object tracking, scene understanding, and abnormality detection capabilities are no exception. 

    Please fill out the contact form above. We’ll reach out to you as soon as possible, and we’ll discuss your future solution in more detail.

    What techniques do you use for building object recognition solutions?

    To enable our system to distinguish objects in the image, we apply color and share extraction techniques, background removal algorithms, and machine learning methods.

    What will our cooperation workflow look like?

    Depending on the services you need and what you already have for your project. For example, if you need to develop a computer vision solution from scratch, the process might include the following steps: 

    1. Interview and research. We’ll listen to your requirements and conduct research if necessary.
    2. Planning. We’ll document and analyze all our findings from the previous step, choose a solution we want to develop, and make a detailed plan of how we will bring it to life.
    3. Development. This includes design, coding, testing, deployment, and integration.
    4. Support and maintenance. After release, we’ll continue to work with the system and make updates where necessary.

    I have a large database of images. Can you organize them by visual features?

    Sure. We offer image retrieval services of any type.