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Data is the new gold. It’s everywhere and keeps potential that can boost your business and help take it to another level. 

Taming the endless data streams and leveraging their power takes expert knowledge and skills. Postindustria’s data scientists have years of experience in translating data sets into insights for businesses. Whether you need data collection, custom data science solutions or algorithm development, our experts will get you covered.

Capitalize fully on terabytes of data with our predictive modeling services and data science solutions.

Data Science Services We Offer

Here’s what we do as a data science company


Custom data science solutions


Data integration services


Data collection


Data preparation


Developing algorithms


Developing ML models


Executing ML models


Training models


Data scoring

We cover the full range of data science services. 

That’s why whether you are interested in data transformation consulting or looking for a data science company to develop a data analytics engine from scratch, we’ll are here

How Our Data Science Services Can Add Value to Your Business

Every day we collect terabytes of data full of insights that are important for our business growth. The problem is, however, it’s easy to get lost in the endless streams of data. This is where we offer our help. 

We’ll meticulously analyze your data sets to detect patterns and trends for your business needs. No data asset will go unnoticed and unused with our data science services.

Why Choose Us as Your Data Science Company

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    Frequently Asked Questions

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    Why choose Postindustria as a data science services provider and an analytic application development company?

    Here are some reasons why we recommend that you consider Postunstria when choosing a data science solutions provider:

    • We have been helping companies to get the most of their data for more than a decade.
    • We focus on cost-effective ways to make use of your data.
    • We are able to look at data from unexpected angles and see patterns even when it seems that there are no connections between various data sets.

    You can also check our ratings and reviews at Clutch and Goodfirms.

    How long does it take to build a predictive model?

    There’s no standard timeframe. Depending on the amount of available data, the state of data and application context, the process can take between a few weeks and several months. Still, a typical predictive modeling project doesn’t take longer than a month depending on the size of the team and other factors.

    To get exact calculations, please book a call with us in the form below.

    What is the data science lifecycle at Postindustria?

    In fact, it’s the same across vendors and includes data collection, data preparation, model building, model execution, and communication of results. However, tools and methods used during this process differ.

    How can I start a data project with you?

    Just fill out our contact form — and we’ll reach out to you as soon as possible.

    What do you mean by data preparation process?

    Simply put, it’s all about making your data ready for predictive modeling. At Postindustria, the data preparation process implies removing errors from your data, removing unnecessary data, enriching incomplete data, standardizing data formats, and beyond.

    What industries do work with?

    We are niche-agnostic. No matter what your industry is, we are at your service.