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Top 11 Augmented Reality Apps for Your Mobile Device

Constantine Sharandak
2 Nov 2020
6 min
Top 11 Augmented Reality Apps for Your Mobile Device

Augmented reality apps have long become the new normal, seeping into many aspects of our daily lives and reinventing them. If you think that’s a stretch, take a look at this study: 48% of customers are already using an AR app or willing to apply the technology to assess new products and services. When compared with their non-AR equivalents, AR solutions show a whopping 200% increase in user engagement. As it goes in the forecast, augmented reality app development revenue will reach the $27.4 billion mark by 2023. Meanwhile, almost two-thirds of organizations don’t even use this tech. 

Now, you must be thinking: “Is it time for my company to consider augmented reality apps? They would probably take us to the next level” The answer is “Yes, definitely.” In fact, we’ve gathered the best AR services of 2020 to get you inspired and give you a gentle nudge to come up with your own idea. Dive in!

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    1. Blippar

    Blippar is a type of AR browser. It evokes augmented reality experiences from everyday objects and places via a smartphone, a tablet, or a wearable. After a user points their phone at an item, whether it is a celeb, a logo, a gadget, a piece of art, or a lovely dog, an AR app scans it, recognizes it, and provides information about it.

    The company also offers large brands the option to cooperate with them, and through this collaboration, create their own AR content. For instance, whenever users ‘blipp’ any Netflix poster, a series character pops out of it through an AR app and provides a trailer link for the premiere. 

    Blippar can be downloaded for both iOS and Android devices.

    2. Civilisations AR

    The BBC’s Civilisations AR is a great example of how augmented reality app development can be applied in education. The virtual collection consists of 30 historical artifacts. Users can dive into ancient Egypt’s secrets, Renaissance masterpieces, and many more, locating, rotating, and resizing them at will. What’s more, you can not only learn an Egyptian mummy’s history but also see it inside thanks to an X-ray feature.

    Civilisations AR is available on the App Store and Google Play.

    3. Mondly

    Mondly, with a VR version of the app for the Gear VR, and AR built into the application, breathes fresh air into the way we learn a new language. Students can choose from 33 foreign languages and explore interactive exercises to improve vocabulary, grammar, and pronunciation. The education process is enhanced with a dictionary, verb conjugator, and advanced speech recognition technology.

    Mondly runs on both iOS and Android devices.

    4. WallaMe

    Thanks to the WallaMe AR app, people can leave hidden messages in various locations around the globe. These messages can be discovered exclusively by app users. To create a special message, you need to capture a wall, street, or sign, and then use an in-app drawing and painting toolkit. In case the message is made private, only friends can see it, while the public message can be explored by everyone.

    You can download the app from the App Store and Google Play.

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      5. Ink Hunter

      Ink Hunter is the application that allows using a smartphone camera to see a virtual tattoo on any part of the body before you ink it forever. The service lets tattoo enthusiasts try on premade tattoos or their own designs. Thanks to the in-app editor and its rendering technique, tattoos look as close to real-life as possible without doing them with an actual needle. The AR app processes both black-and-white and color tattoos.

      Ink Hunter is presented in iOS AR and Android AR versions.

      6. Amikasa

      Amikasa is a 3D floor planner powered with augmented reality that helps you design your dream interior. With the app, you can style a perfect room using 3D models of various furniture, accessories, and decor from real brands before even buying the stuff. What’s more, you can tweak the colors of the items. If you’re unsure of the resulting design, you can share your augmented rooms with friends within the app to get some well-advised suggestions.

      Amikasa is presented as an iOS AR app and has a Windows version.

      7. AR Ruler

      With AR Ruler, it’s super easy to measure and display linear sizes of 3D objects in centimeters, meters, millimeters, inches, feet, or yards. Besides simple straight measurements, you can measure angles, volume, and area. Even more, based on these figures, you can generate a plan projection for drawn objects. Unfortunately, the current AR app version is not perfect in terms of accuracy, but it is considered a reliable tool to get rough measurements.

      AR Ruler is available for iOS and Android devices.

      8. Find Your Car with AR

      If you have no idea where you parked, Find Your Car with AR will come to the rescue. Once you’ve downloaded the augmented reality car finder and set your car’s location, the app creates a visible marker that shows the location of the missing vehicle, the distance you are from the parking spot, and the direction you should walk in to find the place. It proved to be most useful when it comes to remembering where you had parked in crowded areas (stadiums, outdoor concert venues, convention centers) or areas covered in massive parking lots. By the way, car owners can also use the AR app to find their seats at large stadiums, theaters, or concert halls.

      Find Your Car with AR is iOS exclusive. Android owners can opt for choosing its analog called AR Car Locator.

      9. Roar

      Roar functions as an AR shopping adviser and lets users take shots of thousands of product labels to instantly compare them by price or retailer. Furthermore, it allows its users to source ingredients, see reviews, and explore coupons or promotions. AR experiences include photos, videos, text, audio, 3D models, and motion graphics. Even more, you can buy the items you wanted within the application: just scan a poster for an upcoming movie release to purchase tickets for a theater in a matter of seconds.

      Roar is available on iOS and Android.

      10. YouCam Makeup

      YouCam Makeup is a renowned AR makeup and selfie camera that acts as a makeup and fashion assistant, letting you try on a range of top beauty products and accessories before you commit to buying them. Such world brands like L’Oreal, Maybelline, and Urban Decay are represented in the app. What’s more, users can share looks, follow others, purchase products, and review featured items.

      YouCam Makeup is released for both iOS and Android platforms.

      11. Thyng

      Thyng is an AR app powered by ARCore and ARKit, allowing you to create augmented reality scenes by adding your own shots/videos, placing animated figures, or 3D objects on desired spots. After completing a scene, you can take a snapshot or record a short video and then share your creation with followers via an application or social media platforms.

      Thyng runs on Android and iOS.

      The world is changing: will you innovate or let others do that?

      AR app development offers a brand new immersive touchpoint with surroundings. Our list contains only eleven of the top augmented reality apps, but there are tons more. Despite the market being oversaturated with ready-made solutions, there is always space to create a one-of-a-kind offering that will take off. Power up your business with augmented reality app development. And if you don’t know how, contact us to bring your idea concept to reality.

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