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Augmented Reality — Immersive Experience for Modern Consumers

Konstantin Mirin
11 Dec 2020
2 min
Augmented Reality — Immersive Experience for Modern Consumers

Immersive technologies are no longer sci-fi. Yet, even though augmented reality (AR) technology is becoming increasingly accessible these days, some brands are reluctant to embrace it. 

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Partly, it’s due to the unawareness of the value this technology can bring to businesses. Being in mobile app development since 2008 and exploring every AR tech angle in detail, we at Postindustria are trying to fix this by offering you our ebook.

Throughout these pages, we’ll cover AR basics, its prospects, and its future. We’ll also demonstrate the implementation areas of this technology with a focus on retail, fashion, and jewelry. 

We hope this ebook, powered by Postindustria’s expertise in AR apps, will help you get the most out of AR tech.  

What’s inside

  • AR basics: We’ll go through a brief recap of what’s behind AR, its concepts, types of AR devices, and key benefits this technology brings. Also, you’ll get an overview of the best AR development companies and AR apps available on the market.
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    • Industry applications: We’ll explore areas where AR is most effective, with a specific focus on retail, fashion, and jewelry. You’ll get insight on how to uncover AR’s fullest potential, the tools and technologies to embrace, as well as the challenges AR developers face when implementing online try-on solutions.  

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