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How Is Augmented Reality Changing the Jewelry Business?

Constantine Sharandak
9 Nov 2020
5 min
How Is Augmented Reality Changing the Jewelry Business?

In a world bursting with innovations and new technologies, shopping was never going to remain the same, and it’s now changing for the better! The modern shopping experience is catching up with the needs of consumers’, and is more flexible than ever. However, there are more changes yet to come, and with the advent of new technologies, the business of shopping will continue to evolve.

One thing that is yet to change is offline shopping. Why visit a mall and contend with apathetic retail assistants, when you can shop right from the comfort of your own home? Shopping online is a luxury of modern living that everyone has enjoyed at one time or another, but online shopping also has its drawbacks. We can’t be sure of the quality or fit of a product just by looking at photos! The only way to know is to try it on. This is where augmented reality comes into play.

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    There is no doubt that augmented reality is a dark horse in the business sector. It brings new possibilities to niches where there were previously none. One of the niches with the most potential is jewelry shopping in augmented reality. 

    A sneak peek at the AR statistics

    If you are still not convinced by the AR trend, let’s look at statistics. According to Statista, the AR market will be worth more than $18 billion by 2023. Likewise, there’ll be nearly 2.4 billion mobile augmented reality users all around the world by the same year. Sounds pretty good, right?

    But the most important thing is the user feedback on AR. According to ThinkMobiles blog post, 61% of customers prefer online shops that use AR features, while 45% of customers confirmed that AR helped them to decide on a purchase quicker. This is what makes augmented reality the perfect business tool to engage with more leads.

    Now that we know how essential AR is for shopping, let’s get more specific. What’s so special about augmented reality in relation to jewelry shopping?

    AR in jewelry shopping

    It wasn’t long ago that online shopping for jewelry was in desperate need of something like AR technology to help improve the process. A combination of high prices and the importance of small details, meant that there were lots of drawbacks to buying things like gold bracelets or diamond earrings on the internet.

    This all changed when online jewelry stores began utilizing AR technologies. Jewelry apps made with AR combine multiple technologies to give customers fully-immersive, real-time experiences when trying on jewelry, almost as if they were actually in the shops.

    When customers experience augmented reality during their shopping, it not only excites them, but also involves them in the process more intimately. It even adds a ‘gamification effect’ to an otherwise routine event. AR creates a sense of immersion within the customer’s device, giving them much more interactivity than they would experience at a brick-and-mortar shop.

    AR jewelry apps provide the following benefits:

    • Real-time image capture
    • Tracking of the user’s movements
    • Estimations of lighting and surroundings for a better view
    • 3D modelling of selected jewels
    • Realistic rendering of real objects and visual graphics
    • Customizing the ornaments, gems and other elements of a jewel

    This combination of complicated machine calculations makes AR jewelry apps entertaining for customers and beneficial for businesses. Now we will take a look at the direct benefits of AR jewelry shopping apps.

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      Get the most out of AR

      When it comes to business, it is important to get good returns on your investments. This is particularly important when it comes to the jewelry industry. Here are the benefits that AR brings to the jewelry business:

      • Consumer engagement

      The main purpose of AR in jewelry is to attract customers and generate more purchases. When speaking in terms of converting hot leads into sales, augmented reality helps customers try on jewels and decide on a purchase faster. In terms of warm and cold leads, or people who’d like to check new products and try them on, but aren’t ready to buy them, AR acts as an intermediary between the brand and the customers.

      Apps with augmented reality functions have a greater chance of persuading customers to buy a product. Businesswire’s recent piece states that 72% of those asked said they’d purchased products they hadn’t planned to because of the influence of AR.

      • New product announcements

      With AR, you don’t need to print new catalogues each time your brand releases a new jewelry collection. Now you can simply add a 3D catalogue with virtual jewelry that comes with an augmented reality image, so customers can try new models on and check prices anytime they like. 

      • Introduction of social shopping 

      Another benefit AR can offer your business is social shopping. Whenever customers have doubts about a jewelry purchase, or they want to ask their friends or relatives’ opinions, they can easily share the AR product view with anybody. 

      AR is also perfect for gifting jewels. It turns the difficult and arduous process of picking gifts into a two-click action. Your customers can upload a photo of the person they want to buy the jewelry for and see how it will look on them.

      Considering all the useful features AR brings to online shopping, it’s only a matter of time until it expands into other businesses, and will soon become a common sight on any shopping app.

      Wrapping up

      As augmented reality becomes more of a trend in the jewelry industry, more brands are in need of experts to build an AR jewelry app to suit their needs. Only teams with deep product understanding and knowledge of tech components can create an app that will deliver an outstanding experience for your customers. 

      Our specialists at Postindustria have already mastered the skill of replicating the complete showroom experience on any mobile device. Every project we undertake is based on a strong commitment to innovations and a deep understanding of our client’s desires. The Postindustria team provides everything you need, from a virtual try-on function and 3D catalogues, to an entire eCommerce platform with your ideas in mind. 

      Drop us a line so we can discuss your future project and bring your visions to life.

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