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Postindustria Joins Prebid.org with Open-Sourced Header Bidding Setup Tool

Konstantin Mirin
3 Jun 2021
2 min
Postindustria Joins Prebid.org with Open-Sourced Header Bidding Setup Tool

It’s official now! On 2 June 2021, Postindustria became a full-fledged member of the Prebid.org community joining the AdTech industry leaders contributing to the open-source unified auction solution.

Prebid.org is an independent organization designed to ensure and promote fair, transparent and efficient header bidding practices across the industry. Since its foundation in 2017, it has united tech innovators believing that header bidding is a future driving force of ad monetization that will allow publishers to move beyond Mediation. 

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    “Postindustria is proud to become a Prebid.org community member. We believe in free web and apps. Free as in freedom and free as in beer. The only way to make content and services publicly available is to make them ad-funded. Advertising is the fuel of the web. We think that Prebid.org is the future of ad monetization. It is a transparent, robust and optimum way to get access to multiple ad sources. We want to support the Prebid.org initiative as much as we can and help a wider audience of publishers to use this technology,” Postidustria’s TPM and Head of Ad Tech Eugene Dorfman commented on the news.

    We are now listed here:

    Postindustria Joins Prebid.org with Open-Sourced Header Bidding Setup Tool - photo 1

    Prebid header bidding community of over 100 members oversees and funds the development of Prebid advertising technology that offers solutions for web and mobile apps. It also provides the companies willing to learn more about Prebid with strong support from market-leading publishers, buyers and technology providers.

    “Our member companies are what make the Prebid header bidding organization what it is today. The support and commitment from member companies is what helps shape the organization and drive roadmap items and initiatives,” Prebid.org. said.

    Postindustria’s team of experienced engineers carved out a niche in the community with a GUI tool PubMonkey. Even though Prebid.org already had an efficient command-line tool for Prebid orders setup, we went a bit further and developed an alternative that’s easier to use.

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      “Early on we realized that the majority of publishers have a pre-existing adtech stack and they will be adding Prebid to it by inserting Prebid line items into their primary waterfall. This is a setup issue that we resolved for ourselves and would like to help other publishers to overcome easily.  We’ve developed a PubMonkey tool that takes that pain away,” Eugene Dorfman explained.

      PubMonkey is a Google Chrome extension that makes AdOps engineers’’ lives easier by automating some of their routine tasks. 

      Here is what id does:

      • automates header bidding Prebid order setup and configuration of Google Ad Manager, MoPub, and AdMob ad servers;
      • generates orders for multiple header/in-app bidding services.

      After a number of successful trials, Postindustria decided to open source the tool making a contribution to the Prebid.org community.

      “We have open-sourced PubMonkey and are happy to donate it to the Prebid.org community as a next step. With this and other contributions, we hope that the bright future of Prebid is just around the corner!” Eugene Dorfman concluded.

      Postindustria is excited to become a part of the community of talented innovators and share its expertise in Prebid solutions’ development.

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