A B2B payment system with bank integrations, fixed fees, and 1000 transactions/min

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Customate’s founder is a chartered accountant, ex-private equity investment banker, and former CFO of EML payments ($EMCHF) who resigned to start Customate. He asked Postindustria to custom build a product that would cover all the gaps his clients experienced during his work experience – providing a single tool for secure e-payments.

There were 2 important challenges to address: 

  1. Avoid payment gateways to keep operational costs fixed and low 
  2. Develop scalable architecture that doesn’t have to be redesigned in the foreseeable future

It’s always better to see how it works with your own eyes than to read about it, right?

Postindustria knows that when working with non-technical founders it is important to take the lead and frame the project in terms of deliverables that are meaningful to the business. So Postindustria formed their product team around a manager with deep Fintech experience who would be in charge of the delivery.

Because of the sensitive nature of the system (payments), Postindustria took a thorough approach with testing. The product team identified the minimum viable product (MVP) that could be useful to a closed circle of beta users and focused on delivering that first, then expanding into a full solution after live testing.

Building the payment service was completely covered with unit and API tests, with Postindustria’s QA teams re-checking the parts the other one signed off to ensure no bugs made it into production. The team also conducted load testing, confirming the architecture is more than adequate for any foreseeable load from a customer base.

If you want to know more about how we successfully achieved this challenge – you can find our detailed case study here.

Through Postindustria’s product and development leadership, Customate has an innovative new portal that allows the creation of dedicated customer wallets instantly, verifying customers and allowing them to create digital escrow wallets for multiple purposes – enabling users to safely and easily create automated payment schedules to handle any incoming or outgoing payments.

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