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Life + Apps = Lifelike Apps

In 2009 Postindustria joined forces with Lifelike Apps to build top-notch mobile apps that resemble “real life" services and products, but with all the advantages of being virtual (hence, the "Lifelike" name).  

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It’s always better to see how it works with your own eyes than to read about it, right?

Dotan Saguy, CEO and Founder of Lifelike Apps, has reimagined many examples people would use in real life, and has worked with Postindustria to recreate each as beautifully designed and elegant mobile apps.

If you want to know more about how we successfully achieved this challenge – you can find our detailed PDF case study here.

We kept it simple: How’s the weather? What time is it? What do you want?_

It all started in 2009 when we’ve built several Alarm and Weather Clock apps, which turned out to be major hits in Apple’s very young App Store.  They brought Lifelike Apps millions of downloads, hundreds of thousands active users, and critical acclaim. 

Following these early successes, Postindustria then created the award-winning Classifieds App – a reimagined newspaper with classified ads.  It has ranked high in the Apple App Store for iPhone and iPad since 2010 (iOS 3.2). 

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Users loved the app, which had an average rating of 4.5 for the most of its history. It was one of the first apps for iPad, so it quickly conquered the relatively small market.  As many users demanded the app to run on both their iPhone and iPad, Postindustria eventually created a universal version.  

At its most popular, the Classifieds App had 1M+ monthly active users, on iOS alone. 

There is also an Android app available called Daily Classifieds.  This version has a great history as well, with a loyal user base much like the original iOS app. The Android version still enjoys a steady influx of new users after more than 6 years in Google Play Store.

Up next: Stocks_

Following the success of the Classifieds App, in 2014 Postindustria built an app to fill another void on iPad devices: a native Stocks app (at the time one didn’t exist).  

Today the Stocks app is one of the popular stock tracking apps in the App Store,  with many portfolio management and investment features (such as Tycoon Trades). Postindustria created an iPhone version as well, and both apps are flourishing today. 

Postindustria also recently built a Currency app, to follow the trends of cryptocurrencies and general currency markets:

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Other notable apps_

In addition to the Clocks, Classifieds and Stocks apps, Postindustria created on several notable others: 

  • Facebook Friends (a beautifully designed flip–page photo album)
  • The Birthday Card app (that resembles a real-life card stand with paper cards). This app had such a great visual appeal that at one point Samsung approached Lifelike Apps asking them to create the Facebook Friends App for their then emerging Android Store (which unfortunately never materialized).
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Lifelike Apps has enjoyed millions of users with their creative approach to utility-based consumer tech. As a business, the advantage of having millions of users is revenue via their eyes and minds – via advertising. Lifelike Apps has had incredible success over the years in this area, providing advertisers access to users with verticalized interests and demographics.

Lifelike Apps continues to watch real-life and create digital experiences to make our world better, faster, and easier. If you have a similar frustration with a real-life element that doesn’t have a digital counterpart, Postindustria can sympathize – and more importantly, they can help.

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