We built an SFX music and royalty-free music marketplace for AudioMicro

AudioMicro is one of the leading platforms for royalty-free music tracks and stock sound effects. It helps content creators worldwide to find, download, buy, and sell SFX and music for films, YouTube videos, audio mixes, video games, commercials, and various other products.

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It’s always better to see how it works with your own eyes than to read about it, right?

Nowadays, AudioMicro serves millions of users worldwide. It has clients among Oscar and GRAMMY-winning music artists and works with such industry leaders as Microsoft, CBS, Cisco, and Discovery Channel. But it all started in 2009 when Postindustria began its development.

Postindustria was to create an entire content library from scratch

Ryan Born, who is a Founder of AudioMicro, Inc. and a digital distribution services expert, approached Postindustria to take on a full development life cycle of his new website. The task was to create AudioMicro — a digital marketplace platform for content creators to buy and sell stock audio and royalty-free music. Afterward, our team was to deploy and support this website.

The client wanted Postindustria to build an accessible and traffic-resistant digital platform. The website had to store hundreds of thousands of audio files, yet be fast enough to engage with potential customers. On top of that, the AudioMicro was to have an advanced search system to help users navigate through numerous categories and music genres.

How we approached the development

The website design was entirely up to Postindustria, but our team needed to meet the client’s requests. The primary requirements for the AudioMicro platform were:

  • Fast performance
  • Clean UI
  • Complex search functionality

Postindustria chose CakePHP, Python, and SQS for backend development. Our team scaled applications with AWS Elastic Beanstalk. As for the frontend, the developers went with jQuery library and Bootstrap framework.

Right from the get-go, Postindustria had to focus on making the platform resistant to heavy traffic. After all, AudioMicro was to handle a massive audio library.

Our team decided to go with the Pytest framework and Selenium WebDriver to automate testing. Developers ran load and stress tests using Apache JMeter with Firefox-based AInspector to evaluate web page accessibility compliance.

To ensure that AudioMicro remains lightning-fast, Postindustria used YSlow extension to measure each page. The development team optimized several website sections based on results and repeated tests until it could reach stellar performance.

Making search functionality bug-free and stable was the most exciting and time-consuming part. The team had to run the search system through countless automated tests to ensure it handles a wide range of combinations and remains fast under high load conditions.

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Client’s request — fully resolved

Postindustria met all of the client’s requests and delivered a large digital marketplace platform for content makers to distribute royalty-free tracks and SFX music.

AudioMicro features a modern, responsive design built on foundations of flexible functionality. Moreover, the website is extremely accessible — users can choose from multiple log-in options and have various ways to sell or purchase content.

Our team has built an in-depth search tool that handles search querries with over a hundred categories and multiple filtering options (such as tags, artists, publishers, titles, and others). On top of that, the website is extremely fast and secure. Due to excellent technical SEO and mobile optimization, AudioMicro attracts over 475,000 monthly visitors with a remarkable bounce rate.

Postindustria is proud of what it managed to accomplish by building this platform from the ground up. After the departure of Ryan Born, who gave way to a new CEO, Noah Becker, our company continues to support the AudioMicro platform. Postindustria has become a trusted technical partner for AudioMicro, Inc., as we keep working together on other projects.

Postindustria continues to expand its knowledge and gain more expertise in various industries. We can ensure effective development and project management that adapts to any business.

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