Our custom solution cut client’s monthly expenses by two-thirds

Managing employee expenses can be a major hassle for the finance department. Proper software, though, can fix this headache. By automating and digitizing financial processes, you’ll have a clearer picture, greater agility, and more time for other tasks.

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It’s always better to see how it works with your own eyes than to read about it, right?

We, at Postindustria, helped our client build an internal expense management software with the best tech stack in the shortest time possible. The client’s company operates in the finance industry where proper expense management is especially important. The goal was to optimize internal processes without any external stakeholders involved. 

The dilemma of choice

One of the biggest roadblocks to the company’s financial health was the cost of their previous expense management system. A third-party solution ate up a large portion of the monthly budget. The software itself worked quite well, but the expenses –around $1,000 per month–pushed the client to start thinking about another solution. This is where the first roadblock popped up – monthly subscription fees for similar services were either the same or even higher.  

Another hurdle was that all solutions of this kind offered too many extra services the company never used. The client needed only two basic functionalities–to record and to manage staff expenses–so it didn’t make sense to trade bad for worse and pay for unused services.   


To overcome these two roadblocks, our team suggested following a lean approach and building custom expense management software tailored to the client’s business needs. The deadline was quite strict: one month to implement MVP (Minimum Viable Product) and another two to develop the service.

Our team, well-matched and managed by a PM with expert knowledge in finance, picked up the idea and delivered the first UX/UI prototype in record time – one week. Once the stakeholders gave the go-ahead, the Postindustria team went to work on specific features and user stories. 

The first working version of the product was ready in just two weeks. It was a basic system that met all the needs of both employees and management while avoiding any unnecessary extras.   

Thanks to quick stakeholder feedback and our dev team’s fast response, the final version of the app was ready for release in three weeks.

If you want to know more about how we successfully achieved this challenge – you can find our detailed PDF case study here.


The first version of, released 28 days after the project started, cut the company’s costs on expense management software by two-thirds. With the latest front-end technologies, in particular, Google App Engine, Postindustria’s team didn’t need a designer to implement all the features with a decent UI, which allowed the client to save money. The same goes for iOS and Android apps.

Rapid prototypes, prompt client feedback, and a professional team allowed Postindustria to complete the project ahead of time. After a successful release, our team continued working on and released all three subsequent versions on time – and on budget.

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