An accessible, professional infant care platform

Mahmee is the modern mother’s secret weapon. It links mothers’ and babies’ health history and data, proactively engaging and monitoring patients through “maternity coaches,” and escalating concerns to doctors so that mom and baby’s care plan stays up to date and critical red flags aren’t missed. Everything is HIPAA-secure, with a dashboard that equips new and expecting parents with all of the data they need to communicate with their medical providers.

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The company has over 1,000 providers and organizations in its network, including Cedars-Sinai Medical Center, AltaMed, Children’s Hospital Los Angeles, and the UCLA Medical System. The platform has identified and escalated over 1,000 critical care issues including sepsis, postpartum psychosis, and postnatal hemorrhaging.

In each case, Mahmee’s care management team verifies rising clinical risk, escalating the issue to physicians’ attention, and working with providers to facilitate a course of care – and in some cases – a life-saving intervention.

Postindustria worked hand-in-hand with Mahmee’s CTO_

Mahmee’s CTO Sunny wanted direct communication with the team members, so we suggested an English-speaking team that could accommodate the requirements for the daily/weekly meetings and had Laravel experience. Later, we also added an experienced team lead who assumed the role of Technical Project Manager (TPM).


Baby weight tracking

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Stripe integration

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Configurable questionnaires

Postindustria used questionnaires, which are very flexible to keep EMR data up-to-date.

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Real-time chat

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It’s always better to see how it works with your own eyes than to read about it, right?


Through the well-defined development process, continuous communication, product demonstrations, analysis, and feedback, the team was able to deliver exactly what was required with a good quality – despite the fact that the team  didn’t have a dedicated QA person early on. 

Also, because of the HIPAA regulations, the offshore team never had access to the real data, so all deployments are completed by the CTO while Postindustria engineers were available to help with any bugs or issues they could help with.

This project was a unique challenge to solve for product challenges and data restrictions. Postindustria rose to the occasion – and Mahmee raised a $3M funding round shortly afterward.

If you want to know more about how we successfully achieved this challenge – you can find our detailed case study here.

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