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Augmented Reality Interior Design Is Taking Home Visualization to a New Level

Yura Velichko
18 Aug 2021
5 min
Augmented Reality Interior Design Is Taking Home Visualization to a New Level

Before we get all serious, let’s take a quick detour and ponder over a riddle.

What do Madonna’s “Material Girl” music video, vision boards, and augmented reality interior design have in common? Let’s connect the dots.

Augmented Reality Interior Design Is Taking Home Visualization to a New Level - photo 1
  • In her iconic video, Ms. Ciccone reiterates the importance of material possessions and their value in our society. She dreams of a life of stardom and total admiration that will soon become a reality.
  • Making vision boards is a technique people use to help their dreams materialize. You’ll probably see a picture of a house on most of them since a roof over one’s head is a basic need.
  • The use of Augmented Reality (AR) in interior design creates a complete vision for a property – so realistic that it becomes impossible to refuse. A 3D vision board for possession of a lifetime.

And so the loop closes.

At Postindustria, we believe that AR interior visualization is as revolutionary for the home decor industry as that video was for Madonna’s career. The technology provides the missing link between a dream and a reality while immersing the customer in the process. In this article, we’ll tell you more about how and why it increases sales and adds reputation points, so don’t change the channel.

How is AR working out for retail?

Not only is it working, but AR-enabled services also are more popular with users and enjoy higher sales and loyalty. Shopify, a behemoth of online retail, tweeted some of their research results in September 2020. It turned out that when customers interacted with 3D/AR content, the conversion rate was 94% higher than for products without AR/3D. This is a clear indication of how quickly consumers embrace the technology and how urgent it is for retailers to implement it.

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    The pandemic had a hand in it, too – with many stores closed and preventive measures in effect, customers are grasping at any online purchasing option. That’s where AR comes to the rescue, with its stress-free selection process and seamless integration of virtual objects into reality. 

    But what is its value to the home decor market specifically?

    What augmented reality is doing for the home design sector

    As we mentioned above, augmented reality shopping offers the perfect experience for the homebound buyer. The seller has nothing to complain about, either: just think of all the time and energy saved on consultations and returns. And a bonus – no one is taking a nap at your store, pretending to try out the new king-size bed.

    But AR also makes life easier for interior designers – by providing state-of-the-art visualizations that serve as a reliable reference for both sides. No more disagreements on size or texture, and everyone is on the same page on things like “blanched almond” and “atomic tangerine” (yes, those are actual colors). 

    The real estate industry stands to gain a lot from augmented reality interior design apps as well. Why spend thousands of dollars on furniture, and hours at the property, when you can do virtual staging for clients to conveniently view online? If only Carolyn, Lester’s wife from “American Beauty,” knew that trick…

    And if you’re still not convinced by the many pros of virtual reality interior design, let’s look at some of the apps already making headway in the market.

    Some successful AR solutions

    Thought you’d be a trailblazer in AR-powered solutions? We’re sorry to disappoint, but some other players, including major industry names, got there first. And they mean business:

    • Amazon AR View, available for iOS and Android, allows customers to choose from many catalog items to virtually decorate their homes.
    Augmented Reality Interior Design Is Taking Home Visualization to a New Level - photo 2
    • IKEA place is a classic, a staple of the industry.
    Augmented Reality Interior Design Is Taking Home Visualization to a New Level - photo 3
    • Live Home 3D – this augmented reality interior design app can create complex 3D visualizations and virtual reality walkthroughs. It’s available both on desktop and mobile and, when creating projects, you can pick up right where you left off on any device. Sweet!
    Augmented Reality Interior Design Is Taking Home Visualization to a New Level - photo 4
    • RoOomy is a great service that offers virtual home staging for real estate agencies, as well as sophisticated design options and integration with catalogs from Amazon, Pottery Barn, and Wayfair – for amateur designers.
    Augmented Reality Interior Design Is Taking Home Visualization to a New Level - photo 5

    Some of these AR-enabled apps have millions of downloads – a testament to the growing popularity of the technology among customers. But what can AR offer you as a business owner?

    The benefits of AR from the business standpoint

    When names like Facebook, Google, Amazon, Target, and other business giants start investing in AR technology, it’s a telltale sign that its future is big. However, this doesn’t mean smaller companies and startups can’t enjoy AR’s home decor benefits.

    Polish startup Tylko found its user base among those fatigued by the dominance of IKEA furniture. The company makes customized storage units and shelving and is using an AR app to showcase their products. In a recent interview with Sifted.eu, Tylko’s CEO Jacek Majewski said the company had raised €9.8 million since 2015, and its revenue doubles every year. 

    A UK-based startup named Lick secured a £3 million investment in August 2020, the company’s co-founder told the same online magazine. The enterprise produces custom paints and wallpapers for home decor and attributes its success largely to the use of AR in their app.

    Looks like the augmented reality home design sector has enough room for companies of all sizes, and readiness to innovate is the only prerequisite.

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      A brief summary

      According to a report by Technavio, the global online home decor market is expected to grow by US$83.32 billion during 2020-2024. With augmented reality home design dominating the landscape of innovation in the industry, adopting AR functionality is a must for any business that has a horse in the race. The technology makes the process of choosing and buying home decor items so fun and convenient it’s impossible to go back to the old ways once you’ve tried it.
      If you’re curious about AR applications, check out our articles on AR Jewelry Tryon and AR Presentations in Furniture and Design. Or make your move and get in touch with Postindustria’s experts to receive tailored AR advice for your business.

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