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How AR Fills Your Room with Virtual Decor: Top Home Virtual Furniture Placement Apps

Yura Velichko
26 May 2021
4 min
How AR Fills Your Room with Virtual Decor: Top Home Virtual Furniture Placement Apps

Most people have ordered an unlucky piece of furniture at least once. You can probably picture it – a couple choosing and comparing sofas and prices for hours before finally deciding. Then bouncing off the walls waiting for delivery, only to discover that it doesn’t fit in the room. Aargh! What options do they have? There aren’t many: find a way to live with it, or fuss with the return and start from scratch. Luckily, with the great variety of virtual furniture placement apps on the market, your customers will no longer face this problem  

Numerous home furniture placement apps are now available to ease the burden of choosing the next piece of furniture. Whether consumers place a virtual coffee table in a real-world environment or visualize it in 2D, selecting home decor to fit your space has never been easier.

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    Home virtual furniture placement apps in retail and marketing

    Customers are currently mostly stuck at home and to help pass the time, they are looking for a fun and interactive shopping experience. The line between digital and in-store shopping continues to blur, thus increasing buyers’ expectations. According to RetailDive, 71% of Gen Z expect a highly personalized shopping experience, and 83% of them consider shopping to be entertainment, not just a transaction.

    That’s why IKEA and other large retailers have adopted AR apps to help with furniture placement. AR ramps up sales and engages consumers to buy more expensive products. Furniture World reported a 600% growth in AR usage through their customer’s websites and a 150% increase in their conversion rates. Moreover, buyers tend to return furniture 25% less often when using home furniture placement apps.

    But wait, there’s more! As it turns out, 78% of customers prefer to interact with AR rather than watch a 30-second video. AR furniture placement apps kill two birds with one stone: they level up marketing and encourage customers to buy products with peace of mind.

    Let’s explore some of the more popular living room furniture placement apps and their main features.

    5 best AR-powered apps to see furniture in your room

    What makes a good home furniture placement app? It has a friendly interface, smooth performance, and surface tracking features. The rendering quality of 3D models is also essential – virtual objects should look realistic under different lighting. In addition to the iconic IKEA Place app, there are several strong players you should know about. 

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      The proud owners of the world’s most extensive gallery of interior products, RoOomy collaborates with Houzz, Amazon, Wayfair, and other companies to offer the widest range of products in their virtual furniture placement app for free. You can virtually place a 3D furniture model in a room and change its colors, fabrics, and patterns. If you like what you see, just tap on “View info” and buy it online.

      How AR Fills Your Room with Virtual Decor: Top Home Virtual Furniture Placement Apps - photo 1


      This virtual furniture placement app transforms your 2D room photos into a 3D scene where you can place AR furniture models. Although it only works offline, with this app you can decorate your entire living space – from choosing wall colors to placing decorative items. Homestyler also provides a desktop interior design app with further functionality and HD realistic rendering.

      How AR Fills Your Room with Virtual Decor: Top Home Virtual Furniture Placement Apps - photo 2


      Another AR-based furniture placement app is Home Depot. This app compares favorably with the competition in that its mechanics and performance are smoother. Users simply select the furniture they want and point the phone to any part of the house. The application perfectly understands the size of the room and the dimensions of the product, allowing you to make the best choice.


      With this app, you can try out furniture from Crate & Barrel, IKEA, West Elm, Ashley, Lamps Plus, and others, or try handmade crafts from Etsy, HobbyLobby, etc. The AR ruler helps to measure room size and compare 3D items with actual dimensions. Try this virtual furniture placement app free if you want to upload your own furniture and decor and can’t wait to brag about your cool designs on Pinterest.

      How AR Fills Your Room with Virtual Decor: Top Home Virtual Furniture Placement Apps - photo 3


      Houzz is a popular e-commerce app for home decor and furniture. Besides its marketplace with over 10 million products, it provides several design features, including template design and AR fitting. So, before you buy that mid-century modern sofa, you can visualize it in your real-world surroundings. The smooth trying-and-buying experience makes it one of the best apps for interior design and furniture placement.

      How AR Fills Your Room with Virtual Decor: Top Home Virtual Furniture Placement Apps - photo 4

      Dulux Visualizer

      Often people need to not only see how a new chair or table will suit their interior but find the perfect shade for the wall. In this case, the famous brand of paint Dulux Visualizer comes to the rescue. The app has a renderer button that activates AR mode. Users can simply point the phone camera at the wall and paint it any color. There are a variety of shades to choose from color schemes available in the app.


      This app provides superior functionality as it supports both AR and VR modes. You can see how the furniture fits your space and then share the results of your design projects. The VR features create 360-degree VR tours by offering panoramas, adding floor plans, etc. Real estate agents use this app to help with virtual furniture placement and interior decoration in houses for sale.

      How AR Fills Your Room with Virtual Decor: Top Home Virtual Furniture Placement Apps - photo 5


      Another augmented reality app is Wayfair. It provides users with a huge assortment of furniture, home decorations, and other products. When projecting a 3D model of a product, its parameters are also displayed. In addition, a nice bonus is the animation of the opening box with the product before placing it in your house.

      Wrapping up

      For businesses, launching a home virtual furniture placement app is no longer a luxury. it’s a must-have for all furniture and home decor retailers. Whether you already run an e-commerce platform or are planning to join the internet marketplace, adapting to new technologies will boost your success in the long run. Postindustria has extensive experience in implementing augmented reality in retail and fashion. Our team takes care of the entire product lifecycle, from market research and concept planning to maintenance and support. So, for all your projects, contact us! We will build a reliable solution that expands your market reach and strengthens your business.

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