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GoodFirm: «Leading Postindustria to Success» Konstantin Mirin, CEO

Anna Stark
13 May 2021
5 min
GoodFirm: «Leading Postindustria to Success» Konstantin Mirin, CEO

Established in 2006 and based in Santa Monica, CA, Postindustria is a team of skilled tech innovators led by ideal product managers and tech geeks. The organization harnesses an effective result-oriented product mindset and combines it with passionate development teams that power product innovation. 

Postindustria is not all about a decade of radical reform, but its passion for building high-quality product-centric stuff that is truly part of its DNA. At Postindustria, the professionals join Mobile SDK Development teams as an external team extension. They hold ten years of SDK knowledge, 100+ SDK-knowledgeable specialists, ideas, and insights gained while working with Open X and developing their products as Pub Monkey. 

Postindustria develops advanced and modernized mobile SDKs for one of the oldest ad markets, serving 1M requests per second across 190 nations. The experts couldn’t have achieved this without a profound engagement in the product tasks, strategy, and processes – the skills they learned with the help of the extensive expertise in AdTech.

The GoodFirms team approached Konstantin Mirin, the CEO of Postindustria, who unveiled the insights of the company and its flourishing services.

Starting with the interview, Konstantin Mirin divulges that the expert engineers work on their own ideas as well as help other businesses start and excel in their ventures. Top skills combined with product thinking have always been the hallmark of Postindustria’s work. This approach and no compromises on quality granted them an endless stream of recommendations and long-term projects.

Further, Konstantin Mirin narrates the story behind Postindustira’s commencement. He mentions that they started in 2006 with a dream of being a product-only company and till 2009 when they had a few exits; the founders realized that they’ve got top engineering talent in Ukraine with which they could potentially combine services with products. This proved to be a successful and powerful combination, that yielded a $10M exit in 2013, a few smaller $1-2M exists in 2015 and 2021, and a lot of interesting partnership opportunities down the road.

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    Konstantin continues with the interview and shares about the most flourishing services rendered by the company. Konstantin cites that with ten years of experience, Postindustria’s expertise covers the entire ecosystem. MVP development, production or security audits, payment integrations or in-app purchases, re-engineering an ad stack, or adding augmented reality to clients’ apps, the professionals do it all.

    Moreover, the expert app developers at Postindustria are well-acquainted with the fact that web services cannot compete with the app’s speed and ease of use. The group provides customers with the seamless integration of services in the app that are compatible with desktop and other devices.

    To ensure such a great mobile experience for customers, the expert app developers render mobile software development allowing clients to reap numerous benefits such as saved costs and decreased time to market are just a few of them.

    Thus, helping the client’s business find scalability options to benefit from faster integrations with various digital services, such as payment solutions, would soon endow Postindustria to lead amongst the top mobile app development companies in Los Angeles at GoodFirms.

    The review obtained at GoodFirms confirms the quality of apps developed at Postindustria.

    GoodFirm: «Leading Postindustria to Success» Konstantin Mirin, CEO - photo 2

    The experts’ group believes that technical excellence and product mindset are essential for successful delivery. That’s why Postindustria hires only in-house, provides training, runs internship and educational programs for entry-level, mid-level, and senior developers to give its clients the best optimum results.

    To elaborate more on the services, Konstantin explains the web development services that are the second most in-demand service given by Postindustria. He proudly states that Postindustria has served a million users on an average day, forming a single-page app, integrating with 203 external services, or establishing a legacy code without imperiling the future of a product. The organization believes that excellence has a simple explanation: Talent and Attitude.

    The expert web developers build the right web application for customers’ business with an in-depth knowledge of their business and a thorough understanding of their vision. 

    With over years of experience in web development consulting, Postindustria has completed 100+ projects for clients from numerous industries, including AdTech, FinTech, Healthcare, and Entertainment. The experts’ team will work with clients to create a custom website or web application that looks fabulous on any device and will engage their targeted audience.

    Moreover, the website development services focus on developing reliable, elegant, and secure web products using the most up-to-date technologies and advancement approaches. 

    Thus, developing wireframes that evolve into a clickable prototype, including any transitions, interactions, or animations for your website or web application, would soon bequeath Postindustria to grab a secure position as one of the leading websites development service providers in the USA at GoodFirms.

    The review displayed below reflects the potential of the web developers at Postindustria.

    GoodFirm: «Leading Postindustria to Success» Konstantin Mirin, CEO - photo 3

    In conclusion, Konstantin explains that Postindustria is way more efficient than competitors when it comes to delivery because of the product-centric DNA. The experts’ team doesn’t type faster, doesn’t use secret components or hacks, but simply focuses on the things that make the most sense, which, in turn, yields more profits to the customer than the competition. 

    He also adds that it’s not about the best rate or the fastest delivery, but is about the product that addresses the needs of the customers and runs smoothly so that clients don’t have to bear hidden support costs, risks of compliance or security breaches, or unreasonable infrastructure costs over time.

    Thus, having read the excerpt from Konstantin’s interview, one can also go through the detailed interview published at GoodFirms.

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