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PubMonkey: Our Own Header Bidding Setup Tool

Eugen Dorfman
15 Apr 2021
3 min
PubMonkey: Our Own Header Bidding Setup Tool

It’s no secret that header bidding helps app owners drive more revenue and offers comprehensive inventory options for advertisers and publishers. Yet many companies still struggle by manually entering all the line items for header bidding orders. Three years ago we were one of those companies, so we know how much of a pain it is!

A handy thing about being a software development company is that you can solve your own tech problems. And so we developed PubMonkey—our very own header bidding setup tool. Call us biased, but we like it a lot. Here’s what you should know about it.

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    What is PubMonkey?

    PubMonkey is a Google Chrome extension that makes AdOps managers’ lives easier by automating some of their routine tasks. At PostIndustria, we use it to create header/in-app bidding orders with hundreds of line items for various header bidding platforms. Such chores usually require filling out multiple forms—which is, without automation, quite a tedious and annoying task.

    The project started in 2018 when we needed to set up in-app bidding orders in MoPub for Amazon TAM, ClearBid, and PubNative HyBid. The Chrome extension we developed made setting up in-app bidding for our mobile products a whole lot easier. We decided to develop it for bigger things, and so PubMonkey was born. 

    What does PubMonkey do?

    PubMonkey streamlines the creation of header bidding orders: you can generate multiple orders and line items in just a couple of seconds. In other words, it does all the “monkey work” for you (which is why we called it PubMonkey).

    At the current stage, PubMonkey works in two directions. It helps:

    • automate order setup and configuration of Google Ad Manager (GAM), MoPub, and AdMob (beta) ad servers
    • generate orders for many header/in-app bidding services, including Amazon TAM, BidMachine, ClearBid, OpenX Apollo, Prebid, and Smaato Unified Bidding

    But this is just the beginning, and we have many ambitious plans to fulfill. For instance, we’re currently polishing its integration with AdMob. We also intend to migrate PubMonkey to open source at the earliest opportunity. At Postindustria, we believe this step will make the tool more transparent, and easier to use and contribute to.

    Why is PubMonkey different?

    What makes PubMonkey stand out from other automation tools is that it has a graphical user interface (GUI). While many vendors use scripts or sometimes even do the job manually, PubMonkey’s interface makes header bidding simpler and more intuitive, especially for non-tech users. What’s more, it has a bunch of great features to take the headache out of AdOps:

    PubMonkey: Our Own Header Bidding Setup Tool - photo 1
    PubMonkey: Our Own Header Bidding Setup Tool - photo 2
    PubMonkey: Our Own Header Bidding Setup Tool - photo 3
    PubMonkey: Our Own Header Bidding Setup Tool - photo 4
    • Superfast order creation. PubMonkey allows you to create, duplicate, and edit high volumes of line items, which streamlines the order creation process.
    • Flexible monetization. The tool lets you instantly experiment with and test granular orders, and automatically generate rates and keywords.
    • Safe synchronization. When using MoPub, you can export or back up your orders with any number of line items. As a result, you get a simple JSON file which makes it super easy to synchronize your devices. 
    • Easy order importing. You can edit JSON files even when you’re offline, and import them to any MoPub/GAM account or restore the pre-saved configuration in seconds.
    • Simple duplication. PubMonkey supports copying orders without re-entering the same settings. All you need to do is to set up new line items and run your experiments.

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      As you can see, PubMonkey is more than just a header bidding setup tool. Its features are already helping drive revenue to high-profile demand partners through BidMachine Marketplace, who suggest their clients integrate PubMonkey into Google Ad Manager and MoPub.

      But we’re not done yet! There are a lot more to automate and enhance in the domain of ad server configuration. We’re developing PubMonkey to be a one-stop-shop for automating a whole host of AdOps tasks, with header bidding setup automation being just the first and most obvious.  

      Bottom Line

      PubMonkey is a simple Chrome extension that can save you time and ease the header bidding setup process. Easy integration, stable performance, and smooth management of orders and line items make it one of the best choices for publishers.

      If you’re tired of using complicated scripts or spending hours placing all the line items for header bidding orders manually, just get the PubMonkey extension and let our monkey do the work for you! 

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