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The State of Mobile Monetization: Market Trends and SDKs

Konstantin Mirin
8 Jan 2021
2 min
The State of Mobile Monetization: Market Trends and SDKs

With the app market continuing to grow both in the number of apps and capitalization, mobile app owners have to think about monetizing their solutions. But what are the most effective methods and necessary components for a successful monetization strategy? To help app developers access insights, the Postindustria team pulled together research on trends and technologies that define mobile in 2020 and beyond. 

What’s inside?

  • Essential app monetization trends and predictions
    As the mobile app market becomes increasingly competitive, marketers must invent new ways to attract and hold customers’ attention. Both advertisers and app owners should stay on top of trends and technologies, ensuring the brand’s and product’s competitive performance. In this research, publishers will explore several monetization trends for 2020, including in-app advertising, in-app purchases, moving into the freemium business model, and working through mediation platforms. 

    However, keeping up with trends is just one part of the strategy. Another thing to consider is choosing the right SDKs for efficient monetization. To bring value, app monetization possibilities have to be more creative and diverse. This is what the second – and most essential – part of the research uncovers.
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    • Detailed analysis of mobile SDKs
      Based on our research of mobile monetization SDKs offered by 50+ leading AdTech companies, Postindustria suggests a list of key features and opportunities a modern mobile monetization SDK should have. Various ad formats, header bidding support, open measurement, open RTB, aligning with MRAID and VAST tags, mediation support and friendliness, compliance with GDPR and CCPA, and server-side configuration are just a few elements among an extensive list of others. In addition, from an app developer and mobile publisher’s perspective, keep an eye on SDK’s modular structure, documentation availability, ease of downloads, demo app for SDKs, release frequency, and HB setup tool. 
    • Top 30 SDKs for app monetization
      We ranked every SDK according to its key features and accessibility for publishers. As a result, we’ve composed a fair and transparent rating that looks as following:
    1. FB Audience Network
    2. MoPub
    3. AdColony
    4. AdMob
    5. Smaato
    6. Unity Ads
    7. AirPush
    8. Fyber
    9. Mintegral
    10. Yandex
    11. Verizon
    12. Pubmatic
    13. LoopMe
    14. Tapjoy
    15. OpenX
    16. Chocolate Platform
    17. InMobi
    18. IronSource
    19. Vungle
    20. StartApp
    21. Chartboost
    22. myTarget
    23. EpomApps
    24. TappX
    25. YouAppi
    26. Appodeal
    27. AdForm
    28. AdButler
    29. Verve
    30. Amazon  

    We hope this research, powered by industry experts, consultants, and Postindustria’s expertise in AdTech will help mobile developers and publishers pinpoint the SDK that matches their apps perfectly!

    Retrieve a full download of The State of Mobile Monetization: Market Trends and SDK Analysis here. 

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