We made Adrev — a one-of-a-kind YouTube content ID management & monetization service

Adrev is a certified administrative partner for YouTube and a go-to solution for content ID management. Powered by innovative technology, this platform helps artists and companies protect and monetize their music and audiovisual content.

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Adrev is a certified administrative partner for YouTube and a go-to solution for content ID management. Powered by innovative technology, this platform helps artists and companies protect and monetize their music and audiovisual content.

Over the past decade, Adrev has worked its way from a promising startup (named USA’s 2nd fastest-growing media company) to a leading YouTube content ID system. International giants like Universal, Fox Music and Warner Chappell Production Music rely on AdRev for copyright protection.

A client with great aspirations

In 2011, Adrev chose Postindustria for a new project with grand ambitions. Adrev was to become a unique solution that empowers composers, rights holders, brands, and creators on YouTube by allowing them to monetize copyrights and generate new licensing opportunities.

Postindustria’s task was to develop a service that finds licensed audiovisual tracks that individuals and companies have used without permission. In addition to a complex content ID platform, the client wanted a licensing service that helps musicians and right holders grant licenses to use their content.

Our engineers had just completed a hugely successful, royal-free music and SFX marketplace for this client. Now, we were going one step beyond to create something the industry hadn’t seen before.

An enormous challenge for Postindustria

Postindustria was responsible for the entire project’s lifecycle. Our experts were to research, develop, test, and deliver a working content ID and monetization platform. On top of that, we were the industry’s pioneers — to this day, no other service offers an automated music license approval process quite like ours.

Our staff chose an Elasticsearch engine for its comprehensible search capabilities, in-depth analytics, and metrics monitoring features. Moreover, our developers relied on PHP and MySQL, which work flawlessly with this search engine.

It’s always better to see how it works with your own eyes than to read about it, right?

The client wanted Adrev to become an exemplary YouTube content ID service, and to achieve this goal, Postindustria built the platform around three fundamental principles:

  • Automation was a top priority. Adrev had to process an enormous amount of summary and data reports, which contained millions of entries. Consequently, the system should have been able to support Batch processing.
  • Simplicity for the end-user. Content creators can own hundreds of musical tracks and compositions. Therefore, the goal was to allow batch upload and make the process as straightforward as possible.
  • Advanced search functionality. This service needed to check millions of new videos and music tracks daily for matches. To streamline the process, our developers chose proprietary software that utilizes YouTube’s API and contextual search.
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Outstanding results for both our companies

Postindustria’s engineering team surpassed the client’s expectations and delivered a cutting-edge content ID service that helps creators protect and monetize audiovisual compositions. On top of that, Adrev received a unique tool that simplifies content creators’ ability to grant licenses for channels and individual tracks on YouTube.

“The technical work and planning performed by Postindustria are absolutely top-notch, consistently blowing client expectations out of the water with both the quality of final products and the dedication with which they are pursued.”

– Noah B., CEO & Founder of Adrev

The platform turned out to be extremely accessible for end-users — they only need to send the audiovisual content in their chosen format. The rest is up to Adrev’s advanced algorithms and skilled staff.

Adrev has handled over 34 million audio and visual copyrights. In 2017 alone, it helped customers reach over $20 million in royalties. Postindustria maintains the platform and processes monthly YouTube reports to ensure users collect advertising fees without delay.

“These guys are not just contractors; they are a part of our team. And that’s a big part of the success we’ve had with them.”

– Noah B., CEO & Founder of Adrev

Due to our skill and dedication, Adrev has become an inseparable part of YouTube’s ecosystem trusted by the world’s top music libraries, publishers, production companies, and composers.

Postindustria works with top companies in AdTech, FinTech, Healthcare, and Music industries. Our world-class engineering team is always ready to share their skills or deliver software solutions from scratch.

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