A case study on how to visualize and monetize your data

Hum helps content-driven organizations like publishers, associations and media companies use the data they're already collecting to connect their communities to the content they want and need.

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Silverchair needed a Data Platform for their Content-Driven clients. Postindustria delivered a platform with the following features:

  • Data aggregation, analysis and dashboard tools
  • Leveraging available OLAP or data warehouse platform (Snowflake, clickhouse, Druid)
  • Agile Front-end for an extensive and iterative roadmap

Using this tool, Silverchair can offer a B2B solution for automated audience segmentation, to maximize LTV for publishers by personalized outreach.  

Solution principles

To architect, develop and maintain a platform that can handle fast growth with an extensive roadmap – PostIndustria drew up a few solution principles:

  • K.I.S.S – harness the power in simplicity and keep core platform elements as simple and user friendly as possible, through good design and clear, human language
  • Make data feel real – help the data tell stories that are useful and don’t require the user to be a data scientist. We make data feel less like “data” and more like easily and actionable insights
  • Make content powerful – and help users realize its value to them


  • As the team had not concluded functional requirements from the start, PostIndustria supplied development team led by a Technical Project Management and 5 Fullstack developers 
  • We started listening to the customer needs, where the platform can add value, on sales demos or calls and we collect this information and process the requirements into solutions 
  • The team estimates effort, inherits vision and presents to clients. Thereby we can achieve a cycle of continuous improvement of product to expand the offering and grow
  • Our competence enabled a flexible solution to a complex problem by team brainstorming, testing and continuous improvement
  • This resulted in

Impact (new users and data growth) 

  • 18 months after launch, the growth rate of adopters is >50% in the past 6 months.
  • Data growth 3x in past 12m (no problem for the platform and our team to handle)

The impact – allowing the client to visualize, gaining insights from and monetizing their data!

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