Built and modernized their mobile SDKs

An AdTech pro with a decade of experience, Postindustria developed and modernized mobile SDKs for one of the oldest ad exchanges, serving 1M requests per second across 190 countries. We couldn’t have achieved this without a profound involvement in the product tasks, strategy, and processes - the skills we learned thanks to our extensive expertise in AdTech.

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About the Client_ 

OpenX is an ad exchange that connects ad traffic buyers with publishers’ websites, mobile apps, OTT video channels. It leans toward a supply-side platform (SSP), meaning it focuses on relations with premium publishers via its OpenAudience project. A sophisticated product with an exchange engine in the core, OpenX provides different integrations for publishers: mobile SDKs, web and mobile client JS tags, VAST tags, OpenRTB endpoints, prebid, and more. This ad exchange accumulates a lot of supply, which is its main competitive advantage in the niche.

The Client’s Challenge_

In 2013, Postindustria developed iOS and Android SDKs for OpenX, and they’ve been using it ever since, maintaining the SDKs in-house. However, in 2018, OpenX had to implement several significant changes to the Mobile SDKs, and Postindustria was asked to modernize them. As the client was extremely satisfied with the results of our previous cooperation, they weren’t even considering other candidates for the job. The mission was time-critical, but we rose to the occasion.

Our Solution_

We started with a team of two iOS engineers and had to move as quickly as possible:

“I am asking you guys so that tasks aren’t sinking in the backlog.”
Paul Ryan, CTO, 2018

At the time, Swift ABI wasn’t stabilized, so the binary distribution of the OpenX iOS SDK was impossible: the version of the compiler used for the app had to match the one used for the OpenX iOS SDK… 

If you want to know more about how we successfully achieved this challenge – you can find our detailed case study here.

OpenX - photo 2

It’s always better to see how it works with your own eyes than to read about it, right?

The Results_

We’re continuing our cooperation with the client within the Mobile SDK project and beyond. At the moment, We’re working to implement the support of the latest industry standards, such as MRAID 3 and VAST 4.1. As a separate initiative, we’ve recently started exploring OTT video CSAI/SSAI integrations and Prebid integrations. In particular, Prebid is a new priority for the industry, and we are right on the edge of the mobile monetization innovation with our solutions.

Working with one of the top players in the AdTech market is an unparalleled experience that helps us to grow, acquire new skills and knowledge. 

“You guys really rocked and made a difference here.
I am proud of the team.”
Sophia Chung, former VP of Product, OpenX

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