The first marketplace platform for film locations

Giggster is the world’s premiere marketplace platform specifically designed for film and content productions. Producers can search and find the perfect home or space for their projects, large and small. From a 2-person Instagram modeling shoot to a 100-person shoot for HBO’s Westworld, you can find the ideal location on Giggster.

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Giggster has amassed a curated list of 6,000+ unique locations in their 3 years in business, across Los Angeles, New York, and Atlanta. The website is built using GoLang – and is incredibly fast, responsive, and beautiful – leaving major players like Airbnb in the dust performance-wise.

Giggster was a custom build from the ground up_

One of Postindustria’s founders came up with the idea after a location scout for CSI: Miami knocked on his door interested in using his house for a 3-day shoot. Three days and $70k later, he realized that there was a unique opportunity to build transformational tech in a multi-billion dollar legacy industry. 

And Giggster was born.

It’s always better to see how it works with your own eyes than to read about it, right?

The product: deeper than meets the eye_

A product designed to suit consumer needs, but needing to service many levels of host and client required a keen sense of product ingenuity and problem-solving. Postindustria’s team took to the task with a rare case of complete freedom to design around a set of challenges. 

The result: a stellar product right out of the gate. 

Giggster has enjoyed:

  • 6% – 9%+ growth month-over-month for the life of the business
  • Very low acquisition costs, thanks to a streamlined onboarding flow
  • Cash flow positive business as of October 2019 

The website is a beautiful thing: 

Giggster - photo 2

Giggster - photo 3

Don’t let the pretty pictures fool you. The product is much more than a display of amazing locations. The listing and booking processes were each a set of complex product challenges to solve – and with customer service, marketing, and reviews system, the product team had a lot to build.

“We couldn’t have created this product without Postindustria’s problem solving.
Actually we wouldn’t have had a business at all without them.”

Yuri Baranov,
Co-founder, Giggster

If you want to know more about how we successfully achieved this challenge – you can find our detailed case study here.

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