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The Best Augmented Reality Apps for Education

Yura Velichko
27 Jan 2022
5 min
The Best Augmented Reality Apps for Education

Augmented reality apps in education provide immersive learning experiences that allow students to gain a deeper understanding of educational concepts by fusing together physical and virtual spaces. It’s a rapidly growing market with plenty of potential for educational use at all levels. Indeed, the AR and VR industry is expected to continue expanding, with a market size projected to grow by USD 125.19 billion during 2020-2024

In this article, we’ll talk about the best augmented reality apps for education and their benefits, including how the technology is impacting classroom learning.

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    Augmented reality in the classroom

    Augmented reality brings life to monotonous class lectures with 2D/3D/4D modeling and discovery-based learning. Students get immersed in engaging scenes that make complicated subject matters much easier to understand. Math, chemistry, and language arts are among the subjects easily enhanced by these apps.

    The level of visual stimulation and interactivity keeps even young and restless learners engaged. Case in point, teachers can better explain the origin and biology of dinosaurs as students observe the animated reptiles with rapt attention. Octagon Studio is making this possible with their Dinosaur 4D+ augmented reality flashcards.

    The Best Augmented Reality Apps for Education - photo 1

    Augmented reality apps for education in 2022

    So, what are the best augmented reality apps? Let’s explore some popular names that are opening our eyes to the possibilities of AR.


    Quiver offers the same magical experience people get from AR coloring pages, only this time it emphasizes educational content. The app provides an immersive learning experience with coloring pages that become animated. Students can color an airplane and watch it fly around a country they’re exploring or studying. They may also enjoy interactive cellular biology lessons that let them color and label an animated plant cell.

    Animal Cell – Quivervision

    Elements 4D

    Elements 4D allows students to interact with the elements without having to carry out exhaustive and expensive experiments. It’s a fun way to study chemistry. The app comes with lesson plans tailored for elementary, middle, and high school students.

    Elements 4D features paper blocks that let students view information about each element. Learners watch with fascination as combining the blocks for chlorine and sodium produces sodium chloride or salt. 

    Using the Elements 4D app


    Blippar is an AR creation tool that integrates with other educational platforms. For instance, you can use the app to bring certain elements of the Brainspace magazine into virtual reality. Scanning the cover and pages turns the two-dimensional material into a riveting learning experience. Blippar offers an exciting new way to explore traditional modes of learning. Reading just got fun!

    Brainspace and Blippar

    Arloon Plants

    Arloon Plants provides students with a better understanding of processes like photosynthesis and pollination. It takes the tediousness out of learning about a plant’s structure and parts. The app even teaches children how to take care of plants. 

    Arloon Plants


    MathAlive! offers a curriculum kit that uses AR and gaming technology to teach mathematics to early learners. Armed with the AR software, a camera, computer, and special cards, teachers can provide an interactive learning experience that engages the children’s auditory, visual, and tactile learning modalities.

    Math alive® preview

    Whether the studying process happens in the classroom or at home, AR apps add a sparkle of interactivity to any topic. 

    How AR apps improve the learning process 

    In addition to making studying funnier and more engaging, augmented reality has other benefits for students and teachers.

    • Deeper learning. Beyond just learning theories, students can watch certain subject matters in action. They get to learn more deeply as they immerse themselves in virtual reality.
    • Higher engagement. Gamified AR learning allows students to interact with the material, making the lessons fun and effortless. 
    • Improved collaboration. AR apps can cook up scenarios where multiple students are involved in the learning process simultaneously. These interactive lessons foster collaboration and improve teamwork skills. 
    • Practical learning. Virtual reproductions of in-field situations allow students to master the skills needed for their profession. 
    • Safe workplace training. People can now practice or learn life-critical operations without endangering anybody. For instance, AR makes it possible for doctors to practice heart surgeries without operating on an actual person.
    • Accessible learning materials. AR apps provide a more portable and convenient alternative to traditional learning materials like heavy books, physical models, and printed manuals. 

    The great thing about augmented reality is that it applies to all types of students and professions from practically every field imaginable. Whether you’re trying to turn a kindergartener into a math whiz or simulating a space shuttle launch, you can come up with a solution that uses augmented reality. 

    Join the revolution

    Millions of people are already using AR technology — from creating quirky videos on Snapchat to capturing a Pokémon. The future has long been here, and now people are merely waiting for it to reach its tipping point. And it looks like we won’t have to wait long, with Facebook looking to rebrand itself with a name that emphasizes the metaverse or alternate virtual realities. 

    Before long, augmented reality is likely going to be a common occurrence in every social situation — classrooms included. Don’t get left behind as the technology takes center stage. At Postindustria, we have the expertise to use AR to help you achieve the seemingly impossible. Whether you need AR functionality to be integrated into your existing technology or you’d like to create an app from scratch, we’re here to help you make it happen. 

    Learn more about what we do, and feel free to contact us with any questions.

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