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AdTech Digest 2021 & Forecast 2022

Eugene Dorfman
27 Oct 2020
5 Min Read
AdTech Digest 2021 & Forecast 2022

What is Happening in 2021 and Awaiting the Industry in 2022

Welcome to the Postindustria AdTech Digest. In this installment, we explore the AdTech industry’s perspectives and forthcoming changes. You’ll venture into the strategies to prepare for a cookie-less future, learn more about mobile video bidders’ issues, explore the role of MRAID 3.0 for ad creatives’ development and design, and see what’s happening with Apple IDFA. 

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MRAID 3.0 and its role for mobile rich media ads 

Launched in 2017, MRAID 3.0 is still not widely adopted amongst mobile app developers and publishers. Version 3.0 is underestimated, though, as it offers new features and overhauls old ones striving to simplify developers’ lives and improve the user experience. Discover how MRAID 3.0 is influencing the AdTech landscape and what new features it brings.

Getting ready for a cookie-less future

With the death of cookies, AdTech players will need to master tightrope walking in order to balance their business goals and user privacy. Inaccurate audience segmentation, broken attribution models, ad spend increase, and increased complexity of personalization are just a few threats AdTech players can expect to face. Read the digest to know more about how the industry will embrace the change when entering the new reality of a cookie-less world.

We need to talk about mobile video bidders 

As digital video ad spend increases, marketers receive greater ad opportunities, including advanced and eye-catching video ad formats. However, most video platforms limit publishers from getting the most out of video ads by the slow adoption of header bidding, especially when it comes to mobile. Learn more about the state of things, and platforms that do support header bidding and, therefore, mobile publishers.

What’s happening with Apple IDFA 

Sad but true, user identification, segmentation, targeting, re-targeting, and general attribution won’t be available to advertisers across iOS anymore. What’s happening with IDFA and, most importantly, are there any alternatives advertisers could lean on? Let’s sort out together.

Prebid Server bidders — now in one place 

Finally, good news. For all publishers using Prebid to implement header bidding, choosing a demand source becomes faster and easier than ever before. All they need to do is take a look at the Prebid’s list of companies who support server-to-server header bidding solutions. 

To learn more, click here to read the AdTech Digest

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