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The Comprehensive Guide on Header Bidding

Konstantin Mirin
27 Oct 2020
2 Min Read
The Comprehensive Guide on Header Bidding

Technology That Became a Leading Voice for AdTech

Postindustria executive and technology suite joined to help AdTech industry players take an in-depth look at header bidding technology, its evolution, the opportunities and limitations it brings in, and the way this technology works. With a comprehensive overview of the header bidding ecosystem, as well as actionable tips for coping with challenges AdTech companies face when working with header bidding, this guide will help you get the most out of today’s AdTech reality.

Get your copy of Header Bidding Technology — a Leading Voice for AdTech.

What’s inside

  • Facts and figures: 88 out of 100 publishers, selling ads programmatically, experience a revenue boost thanks to header bidding (Digiday). From another perspective, over 50% of US publishers receive higher CPMs with header bidding, and 31% of publishers witnessed an increase in yield (eMarketer). Adoption of this technology looks promising, but what’s under its hood? 
  • Header bidding highs and lows: Better targeting, smarter impressions allocation, increased yield, better flexibility, and lower latency are just a few benefits header bidding brings to the table. Yet, it’s not perfect, though. It still causes discrepancies, has issues with transparency when it comes to the third-party servers, requires technical expertise, and has a couple more pitfalls.
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    • Header bidding ecosystem counterparts: Apparently, this technology goes hand in hand with publishers. Yet, the header-bidding ecosystem is not limited to publishers alone. There’s a complex network of cause-and-effect relations between the demand and supply sides involved in header bidding, and you’ll get a clear picture of when exactly they are involved in the auction.
    • Key challenges and the ways to address them: Implementing header bidding is a tall order, where you can face issues like cookie mapping, latency, performance, or lack of analytical capacities. In this e-book, you’ll find a list of actionable tips and solutions that will help you cope with challenges that form a gap between header bidding platforms and better monetization and UX. 
    • In-app header bidding: In-app header bidding, also called parallel bidding, is worth special attention. It’s a programmatic selling technique letting mobile app publishers sell their ad inventory to all demand sources simultaneously. In this e-book, you’ll explore the characteristics of in-app header bidding and what distinguishes it from mobile web advertising.

    Other essential points the e-book uncovers:

    • Header bidding basics, the way it works, set up, and implementation best practices 
    • Breaking down the Prebid suite and the reasons for its popularity
    • An overview of top header bidding platforms, including in-app header bidding providers

    Get your copy of Header Bidding Technology — a Leading Voice for AdTech.

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