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    Cyber Security Audit_

    Finding vulnerabilities in your code is the first step in creating a secure application.

    Surprisingly, a lot of teams approach systems security as an afterthought instead of designing for it upfront. Too frequently the development process is significantly skewed towards ease of deployment, neglecting code security and stability issues.

    Our source code security audit is an attempt to help teams address these problems before it’s too late. 

    The Postindustrial SWAT security team gets access to your code, dev, deployment, testing, and if possible, production environment to identify architectural flaws, code-level issues, systematic errors, environment misconfiguration, and development process vulnerabilities. We deliver an actionable source code security audit report in 5-15 business days, depending on the system’s scale.

    System Security Audit Process

    • Intro-Call

    We will meet with your tech team (CTO or senior developers). The goal of this call will be to understand your infrastructure, components of the solutions, existing security policies, and to get access to the code.

    • Evaluation

    We use a combination of static code analysis tools and expert review. The audit focuses on the common attack vectors from OWASP guide. In addition to that, we put an emphasis on the development and deployment pipeline.

    Load testing and overall architecture are not part of the evaluation, although we do provide recommendations on those parts as well .

    • Reporting

    Based on the evaluations by our team members we will compile a comprehensive source code security audit report with all of our findings and suggestions for corrections.

    This report will be shared with your technical team and we will meet with them to share our findings, clarify any questions, and possibly make minor adjustments to the report.

    • Support

      We always stand by our customers and are available for either consulting or hands-on help for implementing our suggestions.

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