Web Development_

Ever looked for a team that can reliably deliver (persevere) no matter what challenges arise along the way?

Look, we aren’t unique because we can implement a solution that looks up to 50K profiles per minute in a 1.5 billion dataset. And definitely not because we have been performing language processing for 2500 tweets per second in 2010, when no one was taking AI seriously (OR before those fancy AI libraries were even created).

Instead, our true strength (advantage) comes from the fact that our customers never learned there was any challenge at all. We simply did what was required.

Every time, every feature begins with analysis. Then we explore the ways to build it, find the best, involving an internal pool of experts, plan and build it.

Not really different from what you saw before? That’s until you realize that every piece of code written has security and top performance already designed and built. See, we don’t address core parts as “refactoring” or “bug-fixing”. Core things should be well-designed and accurately implemented to avoid unnecessary patching and unpredictable quality impacts.

When it comes to web-specific tasks like serving a million users on an average day, creating a single-page app, integrating with 203 external services or supporting a legacy code without compromising the future of a product, our excellence has a simple explanation:

We rigorously hire the best, train them to become even better and make them a part of an agile development process led by our super-stars – technical project managers.