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Apart from native iOS development, we offer software development on Android. Postindustria’s developers are experts in designing, developing, and delivering native applications on Google Play. We create apps that have remarkable UI and show consistent performance across the various OS and device types.

With years of experience in Android app development behind us, Postindustria will ensure your business ideas and goals are fulfilled. As an android application development company, we will assist your company by applying our expertise and the latest technologies to maximize the benefits of creating an Android app.

Android App
Development Services

As an Android application development company, we offer services tailored to your company’s industry requirements. From healthcare and financial services to on-demand solutions like ride-sharing and food delivery, each industry has set the bar for what an intuitive user experience should be. And we always take that into account. Our industry-specific services will ensure your app meets the customers’ expectations and complies with all necessary requirements.

Our Android Mobile App
Development Process

This process includes:


We map out the app’s blueprint. This includes features, tools we need for integrating functionalities (like customer relationship management software), and app specifications.

Design and development

You’ll get an idea of how the app’s front-end will look like. You’ll get mockups, and we will then use the feedback to finalize designs that the development team can integrate into the UI. Backend development will happen simultaneously.


Every feature is tested so all bugs can be ironed out. This is a continuous process that happens at every stage of development.

Submission and deployment

The Google Play Store needs to approve the app
before it is deployed.


User feedback is a good way to improve your mobile app, and new functionalities can be added to help your business grow.

The Technology Stack That Powers Our Extensive Android Development Services

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Programming languages: Java, Kotlin

We use Java or Kotlin for native Android app development. Java has been around for a long time and has an incredible number of open-source tools and libraries to help developers. Kotlin, while relatively new, is gaining popularity. It is faster for daily development tasks and is the better choice for projects using multiple languages. Kotlin is also better for building APIs on Android.

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Toolkit: Android Studio and Android Developer Tools

Android Studio is Google’s integrated development environment (IDE) for the open-source Android operating system.

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Android SDK

The iOS software development kit comes with an application programming interface (API) that connects the app and the platform.

Why Choose Postindustria as Your Android App Development Company?


Postindustria’s team can provide you with high-quality native Android development services. We ensure that you get an Android app that delivers consistent results across a range of devices with varying capabilities.


Our Android app developers will remain focused on industry-specific requirements while developing and designing your mobile application. By using the latest technologies and ensuring fast integration through APIs, our mobile experts will deliver market-specific solutions that will help your company compete in the world’s largest application marketplace.

Global Market Leaders Choose Us as Their App Development Partner

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    We help to find the answers
    Why should I opt for the Android-based app first?

    Here are the basic advantages you get by choosing Android app development services over iOS:

    • Open-source code. Android is more transparent to the system’s inner workings. This accessibility helps developers to implement functionality that is limited in iOS.
    • Flexibility. Developers use various crowdsourcing tools to try on the app’s functionality, making it more versatile than iOS. However, this can complicate the overall process.
    • Aesthetics. Google’s comprehensive design guidelines help to create an aesthetically pleasing layout and an intuitive UX.
    • Easy publishing. Unlike iOS, Google Play’s publishing process is smooth and fast — it only takes a few hours for the app to go live.

    Which OS is more widespread: Android or iOS?

    Android rules the market by huge numbers: 71.9% of users prefer Android devices. Although Android holds roughly 2.6 times the market share of iOS, it’s worth saying they’re roughly equal in the United States.

    What are the limitations of the Android OS?

    There are three main drawbacks of Android-based applications you should know about:

    • Device fragmentation. You need to deal with numerous devices, each with various resolutions and screen sizes. If developers want to deliver a responsive app design that works across multiple devices, they should keep this in mind to prevent failures that affect the user experience.
    • Testing. Since there are so many devices and OS versions, QA engineers spend more time on testing.

    Costs. The device fragmentation and extensive testing result in a higher cost of Android app development services compared to iOS. Nonetheless, it depends on the app’s complexity.

    Which tech stack is better: Java or Kotlin?

    Both Java and Kotlin have their strengths and weaknesses. When choosing the right fit for your project, it’s good to know what each language is suitable for.

    Java is universal. It was used for creating Android apps ten years ago. Now it is mostly used in big data, e-commerce, and enterprise systems. Heavy-weight streaming services such as Netflix and Apple TV also choose Java as their primary programming language. Organizations and indie developers choose Kotlin for creating Android apps. Kotlin is especially popular for building microservices. When it comes to up-to-date Android app development services, Kotlin is a way to go.

    What is Android instant app support?

    Android instant app is a simple, accessible, and immersive feature that gives limited access to the product functionality. Instant apps have a range of limitations. For example, the ability to perform purchases from an instant app is considered deprecated. Instant apps are small in size, can be downloaded very quickly and enable the users to preview the functionality before actually downloading the full-size app. Apple provides their analog of this feature, called App Clips.