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The possibility to keep health records in the electronic format has taken medical services to another level. EMR (electronic medical records) and EHR (electronic health records) services allow healthcare businesses to cut time on managing administrative tasks and ensure higher accuracy in data entry.  

Custom EMR solution development will help you streamline your clinical workflow. Signing up for the service you’ll get a chance to have health reports generated by the software, sync information between health departments of the clinic, keep appointment databases up to date and much more.

Improve your healthcare business with custom EMR development from Postindustria, tailored to the specific needs of patients and healthcare providers.

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Embracing digital tools is an important success factor accelerating healthcare businesses development. We offer a complete range of EHR software development services from electronic medical record consulting to providing EMR integration solutions.

Deploy EHR Solutions Tailored Specifically for Your Business

Both patients and doctors value our EHR and EMR solutions for their broad functionality, usability, advanced security, and compliance abilities. 

We gained our customers’ trust thanks to 

two key principles that we rely on. First, we focus on user needs by consulting with everyone involved in the system. Second, we run thorough testing leaving no chance for imperfections to sneak in.

Why Outsource EHR/EMR Software Development to Postindustria?


We comply with all EMR/EHR software development standards. Our solutions are filled with accurate, portable data that improves the quality of healthcare, guides decision-making, and streamlines the processes of our clients.


We build electronic medical record solutions that are compatible with a variety of operating systems and devices, including laptops, tablets, smartphones, and wearables.


We have an in-depth understanding of the specific challenges and needs of the healthcare industry. This domain-focused approach allows us to develop health records systems that address your institution’s specific needs and comply with data security regulations.


Real users are a key part of our EMR/EHR development process. We run thorough usability testing sessions with healthcare professionals and potential patients to determine their real needs.

Innovative EMR Solutions Make Medical Care More Efficient

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    We help to find the answers
    How can I choose a software vendor who understands the unique challenges of EHR/EMR development?

    First, you should look for a company with in-depth expertise in the healthcare sector and an understanding of its specific challenges. 

    Your technology partner should know, and comply with the laws, protocols, formats, and standards applicable to the industry to ensure seamless EHR integration services across all hardware and software.You should also look for a trusted advisor to assist you in maximizing your custom EMR development to best meet your goals.
    Postindustria has been working with EMR software for over 14 years and we have a comprehensive understanding of security risks associated with maintaining sensitive digital records. Our developers will ensure that your EMR and EHR software complies with regulatory and data privacy requirements.

    Why should I choose custom EHR development over out-of-the-box solutions?

    Custom EHR/EMR solutions are optimal for the healthcare market, equipping you with an interoperable health records system, full control of your medical facilities, and the ability to scale up your service seamlessly as your practice grows.

    Your custom EHR/EMR also protects you from access restrictions, paying licensing fees, and involuntary switching or replacing of EHRs.

    I want to start my own EHR business. What is the fastest way and how can you help me?

    If you’re a startup looking to jump into this growing industry and get seed-stage funding, you have several options. We can help you attract investors and first customers by building the minimum viable product (MVP) of an EHR/EMR service. If the MVP is a no-go, we can develop a mobile or web-based prototype system for you. Last but not least, we can create a product concept based on your needs and our research. We will help you prepare an advanced demo to prove that your product concept is functional and can be developed in a real-world scenario.

    What would EHR integration services development cost?

    Before setting your budget, you should do some math. An EMR/EHR development cost breakdown depends on several components: software (the primary feature scope you want to implement, add-ons, and upgrades), the type of your product’s architecture (cloud EHR or on-premise installation), hardware (primarily a factor for on-premise installations), the complexity of your design, the level of assistance to be provided, software licensing, projected maintenance, consulting and training fees, and other costs. The broader the functional scope and the more complex the project, the higher the cost of EHR integration services development will be.

    What patient information will your custom EHR software enable healthcare professionals to access, and what else can your services do for my business?

    Our EMR solutions can provide your medical staff with access to detailed patient information in a standardized format, including basic vitals, medical history, medications, allergies, and test results. 

    Our EHR integration services can accurately automate daily operational tasks at medical facilities, manage electronic documents, create clinical dashboards, oversee appointment schedules, record patient profiles and prescription lists, and even provide customizable medical charts.

    What primary feature scope should be implemented during EHR/EMR development?

    The critical feature set for effective EHR integration services includes:

    • Electronic document management
    • Seamless system integration
    • E-prescribing
    • Distributed access control modules
    • Operational task management
    • Patient profile modules
    • Integrated chat for real-time communication
    • Medical dashboards
    • Patient charting
    • Appointment scheduling
    • Reporting dashboards

    How long does it take to implement EMR solutions from scratch?

    Based on such aspects as your service concept, the functionality scope, the development approach, design complexity, and other components, complete EMR development may take between 16 and 24 months.