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    iOS App

    Since Apple’s App Store is the most lucrative app market in the world, releasing an iOS app is every company’s dream. And Postindustria’s mobile experts can help you with that. We know how to create stunning native iOS applications that comply with Apple’s guidelines and high standards for iOS apps development. Also, we know how to make your mobile application pass a review and be released successfully on the App Store.

    Even more, our mobile developers are familiar with iOS application development for all Apple’s products– be it an iPhone app, an iPad app, or an application for WatchOS. Postindustria’s professionals will ensure your app’s consistency through all devices.

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    Customized Full-Cycle
    Application Development for iPhones:
    Make Your Business Portable
    with an iOS App

    Postindustria’s mobile experts can create your iOS app from scratch. We use agile development methods, combined with modern design thinking, to offer services that will give your business advantage in a crowded marketplace. Our iOS team can help you create eye-catching UI and build applications that provide an impeccable user experience. What’s more, we are always aware of new capabilities in iOS, such as augmented reality, so you don’t miss out on business opportunities.

    We know process customization is the key to success in any collaboration. That’s why your business requirements are always our priority. Our services are fully customizable to meet your specific needs.

    Why Our iOS Mobile App Developer Team Excels

    We, at Postindustria, were pioneers in iPhone apps development. Since the early days of iPhones, we’ve been working with the iOS platform. Our development team is proficient in Swift, Objective-C, and the latest programming tools. We focus on highly-functional apps that match Apple’s design aesthetics for both iPhones and iPads. Your company can also leverage our experience in building iOS apps and development services to find quick solutions.

    iOS Mobile App
    Development Process

    This process includes:

    Understanding your business requirements

    Developing a roadmap for the development process, creating the Software Requirements Specification (SRS document)

    Creating the app architecture, UX/UI prototypes

    Testing features, services

    Submitting the app to the App Store and deploying it once approved

    Upgrades are done as your business needs require

    Know What We Use:
    Technology Stack for iOS Platform

    Our technology stack for the iOS platform includes:

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    Programming languages: Objective-C, Swift

    We build a native iOS app using Objective-C or Swift. The one we choose depends on your app requirements. For instance, Swift is more functional and less prone to errors. Its dynamic libraries can be uploaded to memory, which means the app uses less storage and has a stronger performance. But Objective-C has better runtime.

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    Toolkit: Apple Xcode

    If you choose Swift for iOS app development, we’ll work with the fully-featured development environment Xcode. It has an advanced graphical editor to build user interfaces, debugging tools, and integrated documentation.

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    iOS SDK

    The iOS software development kit comes with an application programming interface (API) that connects the app and the platform.