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Online payments and e-commerce are inseparable, making internet businesses take into account infrastructure for payment processing while working on their financial strategies. Dealing with the process on your own can be a hustle. But it doesn’t have to be. 

Using a technology that accepts payments and manages payment processing online can be a great solution that will save you time and money.

Our experts will help you connect with the Stripe software and ensure seamless integration of Shopify Stripe into your e-commerce project. We will make sure that all your payments workflows are managed quickly, easily and in a secure way.

Stripe API Integration Services at Postindustria

All you need to know to set up payment processes with Stripe


Custom Stripe solutions


Integrations with other tools


Stripe analytics


Subscription management


Fraud detection


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We use Stripe’s payment SDK to build robust and stable apps for managing your payments. 

Our Stripe developers provide ML-driven security against fraud and ensure that all processes are compliant with data security standards.

Seamless Stripe Integration to Create the Workflows You Need

Although Stripe is a third-party payment solution, your individual needs are our top priority. With a decade of experience in handling Stripe payment integrations under our belt, our developers fully optimize its payment API for your business. With our help, Stripe solutions will manage all your payment workflows quickly, easily and securely.

Why Choose Postindustria for Stripe Integration?

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Check the answers to most frequent questions
    Where can Stripe software be integrated?

    We have extensive experience integrating Stripe into websites and apps. Our development team can also connect Stripe software with many popular platforms, as well as any custom applications you use for analytics, accounting, and customer relationship management. With our help, you’ll have everything in one place.

    Can you customize my payment workflow with Stripe?

    Sure, we can. We can implement a сustomizable payment workflow that works well on both desktop and mobile devices. During the Stripe development process, along with using Stripe prefabricated UI elements, we also utilize Stripe.js to build unique shopping cart UIs, checkout modules, and other payment gateway components. This two-way approach helps us personalize your payment experience and tailor it to your needs.

    Can you handle integration with platforms other than Stripe? What are the benefits of Stripe compared to other gateways?

    Along with Stripe website integration and app integration services, we also cover PayPal. Both platforms are similar in their features; however, Stripe is more customizable when it comes to reports and analytics. With Stripe, you can request any information you need and get a report in no time.

    Can you handle Stripe recurring payment API integration in PHP?

    Yes, we can. We have been building Stripe-based payment solutions for years, and our expertise covers all Stripe’s capabilities.

    Can I implement a successful Stripe payment integration on my own?

    Certainly, you can, if you have enough expertise. Let’s take a look at this case:

    Say you need a subscription management system. At first glance, things look easy. 

    1. Configure subscription plans.
    2. Create users in Stripe when they sign up.
    3. Capture and assign credit cards.
    4. Enjoy! 

    In reality, though, a number of questions arise. For instance:

    1. What should you do if a customer cancels their plan?
    2. What should you do if a customer upgrades or downgrades their subscription?
    3. What happens if a credit card can’t be billed?
    4. What happens if a customer has two credit cards assigned to one profile, and one of them can’t be billed? Do you retry the first card or try the second one?
    5. How do you notify the customer if such a situation occurs? 

    To answer these questions, you need to have in-depth knowledge of payment systems in general and Stripe in particular. Only then will you be able to fix the problem correctly the first time and avoid trial-and-error. If you have in-house expertise of this level, you can successfully handle Stripe integration with your own resources. In case you don’t, we are happy to help.